(ডাউনলোড করুন) A dialogue about my aim in life. [Published] Today

How are you all I hope you are all very well by the infinite mercy of God? Today we have published a dialogue about the purpose of my life in this post.

Those of you who want to have a dialogue with my life goal can read this post of ours. If you read this post you will be able to hear a dialogue about my life goal. Everyone has a goal in life.

No one can achieve success in life without goals. To be successful in life, each of us must have a goal. Everyone has different goals in their life and they move forward to reach that goals.

Everyone’s life goals are different. For example, if someone wants to be a successful businessman in the future, someone wants to be a doctor,

someone wants to be an engineer. In order to achieve all these goals, they have to work hard and move forward. Also, someone wants to work in different types of high offices.

Again, someone wants to serve the people, to serve society. Success in life comes when one is determined to move forward. You can’t move forward without a goal.

So each of us should set goals for ourselves to do something in life. We can be successful in life if we set goals. Many times for various reasons many are forced to deviate from their goal.

That is why they cannot achieve success in life. For example, no one can reach his goal in life because of poverty. He has to move away from his goal.

Many are also forced to move away from their goals because of family problems. Because of this many people cannot achieve success in their life.

So each of us should help the poor financially to help them reach their goals in life and overcome family problems to motivate the person to reach his goal

and make the family members aware of the lock. Then all these poor and family troubled people will be able to move forward towards the goal of their life and he will be able to bring success in his life.

Just as everyone sets goals for success in life, so do I set goals for success in my life. For example, I want to study and become a doctor in the future and become a doctor to treat or serve poor and helpless people.

I want to be by the side of people. I will do my best to fulfill my life goal. Many people want to read dialogues on different topics from different websites. For this, they access various websites online.

We have also published some dialogues on our website. If you want to read dialogues on various topics, you can enter our website and read some dialogues from there.

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