Airtel Bondho Sim Offer 2021 – Internet, Minute, SMS

Airtel has announced that it will offer 3 GB internet and 40 minutes talk time only after launching a closed SIM for its customers. For those Airtel SIMs that have been shutting down for a long time, SIM companies offer attractive offers. Airtel and its no exception. Currently, Airtel has some interesting offers. The Internet bundle and the minute bundle are notable.

If you have an Airtel SIM unused for more than three months, you are covered by this offer. But another thing that applies is that you must check whether you will get the offer. That’s why you have to dial  *999#

3GB internet offer for 12  taka recharge for 15 days

After you recharge 12 takas you will get 3GB internet only for use on Facebook and Instagram if you turn on your unused Airtel shutdown SIM 3GB internet will have 15 days.

So if you are addicted to using social media then this bundle will be ideal for you. Because spending 3GB of internet using Facebook is a very difficult thing.

But one thing to keep in mind is that watching the video will soon end the megabytes. Because of that, if you do not play any video, you can use Facebook and Instagram for free for 15 days.

3GB Internet Recharge 54 taka for 5 days

This offer is the ideal package for all types of internet access. Because accepting this package will allow you to browse any website.

Applies only to use Facebook and Instagram. But one thing to keep in mind is that the previous package is a 12 taka recharge and the current one I am talking about is a  54 take recharge bundle.

Apart from this, there is a more attractive offer at a recharge of 54 takes. We’ll talk about that later. But let’s see how you can get 3GB internet at a recharge of 54 bucks.

First, you need to turn off your SIM. After this, the shop will have to recharge 54 takas. If you recharge 55/60 taka, you will not get this offer.

This internet bundle will not apply if you develop or recharge from a rocket account. Before recharge, you must keep this in mind.

34 taka recharge for 1 GB and 40 minutes talk time for 7 days

This is an attractive offer from Airtel. There is no alternative to this offer if you want to get internet and minute talk time together.

Because you are getting an internet browser and 40 minutes talk time to talk to all the numbers. So why delay if you have a closed SIM then turn it on now.

An issue is required, and your SIM must be closed for more than two months. But you can take this offer.

And that is not to say that you must recharge with Flexiload.

I discussed all the offers of Airtel Off SIM. Stay tuned for more interesting offers.

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