Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2023 in Bangladesh (airtel sim a emergency balance)

Airtel Bangladesh has come up with emergency balance for their customers. If for some reason we run out of taka at the time of emergency. We can handle our urgent work with emergency balance.

Today we will discuss detailed information through this post. Airtel Bangladesh offers an emergency balance to its customers starting from 13 taka to a maximum of 200 taka depending

on the usage of the customer. Now how will you take this balance? You can know it by visiting our website. For this you need to adopt some methods. If you take 12 taka emergency balance.

Next additional 2.67 taka will be deducted from your account i.e. then this balance is exhausted. 14 taka 67 paise will be deducted from your account. Hope friends can understand.

So guys, let’s get to the main discussion. How can you take Airtel SIM loan amount? I will show you through this post. How to take emergency balance on your airtel sim.

To withdraw emergency balance you need to dial a code. With this code you can take emergency balance starting from minimum 12 taka to maximum two hundred taka.

You dial *141# or *8# to get emergency balance on your Airtel SIM. To check your Airtel Emergency Balance, dial *778# or *1#. You can take a large emergency balance if you want.

Dial *875# to get emergency internet data. To check emergency internet data dial *8444*88# or *3#. Hello friends, how to get airtel emergency balance. Want to know about it?

I will show you through this post. If you take 12 taka loan on airtel sim. Then from you 2. 67 taka will be deducted extra. This will cost you a total of 14.67 taka.

Airtel Emergency Balance Code

Any customer will get a 15 taka loan from Airtel SIM. 2.67 taka will be deducted from them as service charge. It will cost you 17.67 taka in total. Customers who will get 22 taka emergency balance.

2.67 taka will be deducted as service fee from them. It will cost you 24.67 taka in total. If you get 25 taka emergency balance from airtel sim. Then you have to pay 2.67 taka as service fee later.

This will cost you a total of 27.67 taka. Do you want to avail Airtel emergency balance? So today we show through this post. How to get your Airtel ID emergency balance.

Airtel has a code for emergency balance withdrawal. Dial *141# or *8# to get emergency balance. Later you will get equivalent amount of emergency balance and emergency internet. Hope you understand.

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