(See) Bangladesh Agricultural University Subject List and Seat Number

Today we are trying to provide all the information about the admission information, subject list, unit based information of Bangladesh Agricultural University, the largest agricultural university in Bangladesh through this article.

If you read the article from beginning to end, you will know how many seats are in which units. You must know that there are 6 agricultural universities in Bangladesh. Admission test of those universities will be held.

So today we are yours through registration I am trying to present the issues of Bangladesh Agricultural University. Bangladesh Agricultural University has a faculty and 1100 seats.

Bangladesh Agricultural University Subject List 2024

I will try to inform them through registration. We hope you find the answers to your questions through this registration. I am trying to present to you the subject list of Bangladesh Agriculture University.

Bangladesh Agricultural University is located in Mymensingh district. Bangladesh Agricultural University is one of the oldest agricultural universities. Bangladesh Agricultural University has a faculty.

Each faculty consists of multiple subjects. Bangladesh Agricultural University has inter-departmental institutes for veterinary agriculture, animal husbandry, agricultural economics and rural sociology, agricultural engineering and technology, food engineering, fish food security.

Bangladesh agricultural university Seat Number

There are 191 seats in veterinary, 320 in agriculture, 191 in animal husbandry, 106 in agro-economy, rural sociology, 100 in agricultural engineering and technology,

50 in food engineering and 30 seats in food security inter-departmental institute. However, a total of 1160 students will get admission at the undergraduate level of eight departments.

There are separate seats for tribal and liberation war quotas. I will try to present to you the admission information of Bangladesh Agricultural University through this registration.

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