Best College in Khulna City 2024 List & Details

Today we will discuss the top colleges of Khulna in Bangladesh through this article. You can see the list of top colleges of Khulna through this article. Khulna is an administrative division of Bangladesh.

It has many educational institutions. Want to study here at high school or undergraduate level? We have prepared a list for such students. Through this, I will present the information of government colleges and private colleges located in Khulna.

I will present the cost of those colleges, location, number of students, contact address. So if you search on Google for information related to this. You can know all the information through this article.

Best College in Khulna City 2024

Through this article, I will present to you the list of Khulna Division and government colleges and private colleges located in Khulna city. Through this, you can get admission in government colleges and private colleges as per your choice.

Azam Khan Government Commerce College

Government BL College, Daulatpur, Khulna.

Khulna Government Girls College, Boyra, Khulna.

Government Sundarbans Adarsh ​​College, Glaxo Junction, Khulna.

Sarkar Pioneer Women’s College, Khulna.

Government Bangabandhu College, Rupsha, Khulna.

Sarkar LBK Women’s College, Dakop, Khulna.

Haji Muhammad Mohsin College, Khalishpur, Khulna.

Southeast Engineering College, Muzgunni Highway, Khulna

Government MM City College, Khulna

These colleges are relatively the best. If you want to know more, you can read our other article.

Khulna all College name

Today we will mention the list of educational institutions of Khulna district through this article. You are discussing about private colleges, technical colleges, government colleges, private colleges, public colleges and medical colleges through this article.

Among the government colleges in Khulna, Shahpur Madhugram College, Azam Khan Government Commerce College, Government BL College, Khulna Government Women’s College, Government Sundarbans Adarsh ​​College, Government Bangabandhu College, Government Haji Muhammad Mohsin College are notable.

If you want to be admitted in these colleges and want to study in these colleges, then you can know all the information through the article. In this case, it will help you a lot to get admitted in these colleges.

govt college in khulna

Today we will present all types of government colleges in Khulna district through this article. There are a total of 25 government colleges in Khulna city.

But for your convenience, we have presented about the top ten colleges. You will be able to complete your high school and bachelor’s degree from this college.

Government Shahpur Madhugram College, Shahpur, Khulna

Azam Khan Government Commerce College (HSC, Honors, Masters), Babu Khan Road

Government BL College (HSC, Honors, Masters), Daulatpur, Khulna.

Khulna Government Women’s College (Honors, Masters), Boyra, Khulna.

Government Sundarbans Adarsh ​​College, Glaxo More, Khulna.

In addition, through this article, you will get a full idea of ​​where the college is located. So friends, let’s start today’s article without delay.

Best hsc College in Khulna

Khulna Government Women’s College is a well-known college. From here higher secondary school certificate is given. There are also degree pass courses, honours courses and two-year masters courses.

Khulna Government Women’s College was established on 18 July 1909. Rajendra Kumar Women’s College in the hands of Raybahadur Mahendra Kumar Ghosh as an internet college.

Then in 1974 degree and honours courses were added. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can be completed from this college.

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