bKash Refer Offer 2023 | Collect bKash App Referral Bonus

Dear customer, how are you? I hope you are all well. Today in our post we will discuss about the referral of bKash app and the next bonus offer after referral. So read the post carefully.

If you want, you can now make money transactions in any part of the country by using the bKash app at home. In this case, there are some more great offers for bKash app users. Through which you can receive any kind of bonus and benefits without any money transaction. One of the notable processes is providing bKash app referrals. I will discuss this in the post below today.

By using the bKash app and sharing the app links to the people you need, you are getting some great offers as well as new customers. For example, if you share your bKash app link with someone and they download the bKash app from that link, then you get some great and interesting offers from bKash. Visit our website for details about the offer.

bKash Refer Offer 2023

By referring to the bKash app you get a bonus offer up to a maximum of taka. If the new customer uses the app by downloading and installing it after sharing the link, then you will get 100 taka send money offer.

The referral process is that you first need to open your bKash app. After opening the app, go to the setting option and click on the “Referred to Friend” option. From there, you can share the link to your friends on any online platform. For example, if you want, you can share and send the link through Messenger, Emu, WhatsApp, etc.

If someone downloads and installs the bKash app from your link during the campaign, you will get a bonus of taka 100. Every time you install the app from your link, you will get a bonus of 100 rupees. In that case, there is no set rule. Unlimited getting 100 rupees bonus. So share the link of the app more and more to get the offer.

bkash refer bonus 2023

The new bonus process for referring bKash apps has been added on August 1, 2023. Both customers and users are getting bonuses.

Anyone who shares the link will get a bonus of Tk 100 and anyone who downloads and uses the app from the link will get a bonus of Tk 25.

Later, if the new user wants, he can also get 100 taka bonus by sharing the link of bKash app as many times as he wants. So share the link to get 100 taka bonus on bKash.

bkash refer offer 2023 bangla

In addition to cash in, cash out, send money, mobile recharge, new services are constantly being introduced in the bKash app – bank money transaction, electricity bill, payment of gas bill, etc.

In this case, by referring to bKash, you will get some interesting offers in the above transactions. Visit our website to know about the offers and come to know the offers.

bKash App referral bonus 2023

bKash is constantly updating various exciting new offers for its customers. One of them is the bKash app referral bonus offer.

Visit our website to get a detailed idea about the bKash App Referrer Bonus offer in 2023, and don’t miss any updates regarding the bKash App Referrer Bonus.

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