Brac Bank Routing Number (Dhaka, Noakhali, Chittagong, Banani)

The name of a private bank in Bangladesh is BRAC Bank. Since 1971, BRAC Bank has made its debut. Now you may have a question about BRAC Bank routing number, now you need to know first

what is the routing number. So today through this post I will discuss about the routing numbers of all branches of BRAC Bank. The customers of this bank are increasing day by day.

Bangladesh BRAC Bank has 186 branches in 64 districts. There are more than 458 units off. Besides, there are more than 350 ATM booths for BRAC Bank customers across

the country to withdraw money from an ATM card, apart from this there are facilities of mobile banking, agent banking, retail banking. Routing number is required to send money

from other bank to another branch. So today through this post I will discuss all those routing banks and routing numbers in front of you. I am starting today’s article by welcoming everyone.

Through the next post, I will tell you the routing numbers of various branches of BRAC Bank. 60010085 This is Bagerhat SME Branch BRAC Bank Routing Number of Bagerhat District.

60060280 Barisal Barisal Branch No. 6009010060 This is the routing number of Barisal Main Branch. 6009010060 This is Bhola District Routing.

100379 This is the routing number of BRAC Bank Bogra branch. Hope friends have understood today’s article. If you want to know detailed information about the routing number of other branches,

you can visit our website. Hope you like it. Those of you who want to send money from the bank branch to Banani Bank. Of course, you need to know the routing number of Banani branch.

So through this post I have discussed the BRAC Bank Routing Number in Dhaka Banani Branch 60155261 This is the routing number of Momin Road Branch. Tangail branch routing number is 60932305.

At present, BRAC Bank has 186 branches, more than 458 SME unit offices, more than 1800 remittances delivered and more than 350 ATM booths have been established all over Bangladesh.

Brac Bank Routing Number

So the bank currently offers SME Banking, Retail Banking, Agent Banking, Mobile Banking, Wholesale Banking and All the branches of Bangladeshi BRAC Bank have a routing number

that carries the identity of each branch. But routing numbers are nine digits The first three digits of which are the bank code, the next three digits are the area code, the next two digits are the branch code,

and the last one digit is the check code. Bagerhat district routing number is 60060280. Hope friends have understood today’s article. 060153168

This is Chittagong Halishahar Branch Routing Number. 060155261 This is Chittagong Branch Router Number. If you want to know the routing number of any other place, visit the website.

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