BTEB Result 2024 Published by Polytechnic Diploma

Diploma Result 2024, Polytechnic Result 2024 / Diploma Result 2024 – Semester final examination of various courses of government and private polytechnic institutes across the country has been completed. Beginning last December, the Diploma in Engineer examines 28 regulated and 28 regulated episodes of regular/irregular and ineffective topics.

On the same date, the regular and non-final semester examinations of the 26th Regulated Episode of Diploma in Tourism and Hospital and the 4th, 5th, 6th, 5th and 5th phases of Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Forestry, Diploma in Agriculture. Every year in our country, numerous students take part in various examinations of Diploma in Engineering program in Gulate, government and private technical education institutes.

The educational activities of these institutions and various tests are conducted under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. The results of these exams were published simultaneously on the website of Bangladesh Technical Educationbird. It is not possible to see the results at the right time. In addition to the old students who have the experience of seeing the results on the BTEB site, it is very difficult for those new visitors to the site to see the results.

BTEB Result 2024

BTEB results have been published. So if you want you can see your test results from our website or from the official website of the Technical Education Board. BTEB results will be available on website from 2 pm today 31st August 2024

To avoid this kind of problem, you can easily get the desired Polytechnic Result 2024 through the shared link of our site. Regular and irregular semester final exam results of Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Forestry, Diploma in Agriculture will be shared on the BTEB site as soon as the link to the source PDF is downloaded. publishes the results of the 5th to 5th semesters of Diploma Courses in Technical Education on their site. Earlier in the semester, BTEB result 2024 was published in self-organization. Usually, BTEB releases the PDF files on the results and uploads them to Google Drive and shares the link to the drive on their website.

BTEB result 2024 Release Time

BTEB Result Published Date The PDF file contains the result of the organization’s name. This allows students to easily find the results of their own institution. However, it is a bit difficult to collect the results from this site in a few steps. The task that we can easily do here. Download the BTEB result 20 Semester Result Semester PDF file published by BTEB on our site with just one click of the link.

Usually, the results are published 2 months after the semester final. Hopefully this time it will not happen. The result is published. This year the Diploma Examination was held on December 8, 20 and the exam was completed on January 16, 2024.

Exam Name: Semester Exam
The Commencement of the Exams: 08 December 2020
The Last Date of the Exams: 16 January 2024
The Announcement of the BTEB Result: 1st or 2nd Week of March 2024

I would also like to tell you that the result of a polytechnical diploma is always published at night. So the results of the Political Diploma Examination are expected to be published tonight. So you bookmark our website so that after the result you can easily see your results very easily from our website.

How do You Check BTEB Result 2024?

BTEB is generally operated under the Technical Education Board. Diploma in Engineering Education Board releases engineering results. Now I’m going to tell you or tell you, how do you see BTEB Result 2024? Generally speaking, online is a very popular way to view the results of anything.

So you can check your result if you want. According to the Board Examination, the results of the final examination have been published online through the Technical Education Board website. So if you want you can easily see your BTEB Result 2024 from the Technical Education Board website.

BTEB Result 2024 by Online

Follow the rules below to view BTEB Result 2024. Hopefully, you will not have any problem and below is a very nice topic on how you can easily view your results online. So follow the steps below and you can easily see your BTEB Result 2024.

BTEB Result 2020 Published Date (Polytechnic Diploma Result 2020)

  • First Visit:
  • Click on the “Result Archive” option
  • Chose “Diploma Engg”
  • Select Exam Type & Year
  • Input Roll Number
  • Click on the “View Result” option

If you still cannot see your BTEB Result 2024 after following the steps above. Then do us in the comment box, Inshallah we will see your BTEB Result 2024 as soon as possible.

BTEB Result 2024 by SMS

As we all know, the results of every test in Bangladesh are seen online as well as through mobile messages. So we can say that BTEB Result 2024 can be easily viewed through SMS on mobile. But let me give you a piece of information that is probably what many people do not know, yet the BTEB result mobile message viewing system has not been launched. However, it is expected that the BTEB Result will be informed via mobile message soon.

Diploma Result 2024

Beginning on 1/12/2012, Diploma In Engineer examines 28 regulated 4th and 6th periods of regular and 7th period incomplete and 28th Regulated 6th and 7th period regular/irregular and 4th, 5th, 5th episodes void.

Diploma-in-Engineering Result 2024

  • 4th-semester final result (Regular, Regulations 2016) – Download
  • 4th-semester final result (Irregular, aasta 2010) – Not published yet
  • 5th-semester final result (Irregular, Regulations 2010) – Not published yet
  • 6th-semester final result (Regular, Regulations 2016) – Download
  • 6th-semester final result (Regular, artas 2010) – Download
  • 6th-semester final result (Irregular, Regulations 2010) – Not published yet
  • 7th-semester final result (Irregular, Regulations 2010) – Not published yet
  •   8th-semester final result (Regular, fra 2010) – Download
  • 8th-semester final result (Irregular, afasta 2010) – Download

Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Result 2024

Duration of 27th and 6th Regulations of Diploma in Tourism and Hospital has been started on 24/5/21 and the 5th phase failed the test. Check out the link below to get the test results.

Diploma-in-Tourism and Hospitality Result 2024

  •  4th Semester final result (Regular, afara 2016) – Download
  • 5th Semester final result (Irregular, afa 2016) – Not published yet
  • 6TH Semester final result (Regular, প্রবিধান 2016) – Download

Diploma-in-Textile Engineering Result 2024

According to the BTEB published routine, the 5th of the 20 regulations of the Diploma-in-Textile Engineering 2024, | 3rd, 4th, 6th and 5th periods are regular/irregular and 2nd, 4th, 6th, 5th & 3rd of the 26th Regulations. Regular written and practical examinations will be held from 1/12/2012 to 1/3/220. Find the result of the test easily from the link below our site. BTEB Result 2024 Published Date

Diploma-in-Textile Engineering Result 2024

  •  1st-semester final result download
  •  2nd-semester final result download
  •  3rd-semester final result download
  •  4th-semester final result – Download
  •  5th-semester final result – Download
  • 6th-semester final result – Download
  • 7th-semester final result – Download
  • 8th-semester final result – Download

Diploma in Forestry (in-service) 2024

Diploma in Forestry (in-service), Written, Oral Examination of the 4th phase regular examinations has been conducted. From 2/22/23 to 1/3/24. See the Result of Diploma in Forestry (In-Service) for the year 2024 at the link below.

Diploma-in-Forestry Result 2024

  • 4th Semester Final Result (Regular) – Download

Diploma in Agriculture Result 2024

Regular/irregular (Regulation 25) examinations of the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 8th period of the Diploma in Agriculture of 2024 have been conducted according to the routine published in BTEB from 24/21/21 to 25/2/2520. See Diplo Polytechnic Result Semester Final Result of Diploma in Agriculture 2024 below.

Diploma-in-Agriculture Result 2024

  • 1st Semester Final Result (Regular) – Download
  • 1st Semester Final Result (Irregular) – Not Published Yet
  • 3rd Semester Final Result (Regular) – Download
  • 3rd Semester Final Result (Irregular) – Not published yet
  • 5th Semester Final Result (Irregular) – Not published yet
  • 5th Semester Final Result (Regular)
  • 7th Semester Final Result (Irregular) – Not published yet
  • 7th Semester Final Result (Regular) – Download

Polytechnic Diploma Result 2024

Polytechnic Institute’s Diploma in Engineering Curriculum, Examination and Result are held under the direction of the Technical Education Board. The Technical Education Directorate was established in the 5th to promote technical education, and the previously constituted Board was subordinated to it.

BTEB Result 2024 Published Date After the establishment of the Directorate of Technical Education, rapid development and expansion of technical education were undertaken at the degree, diploma and trade level.

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