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Today we will show you what is cdms through this post. CDMS is an investigation department of the police. The full meaning of CDSMS is Crime Data Management System, crime related

and all the information related to crime is known through that information. Various prime related crime related various developmental a server CDMS is a better department of Bangladesh Police.

CDMS stands for Crime Data Management System. It stores crime related and crime information with Bangladesh Police. Case number, date, time, place of incident,

name of accused, father’s name, forward challan all related information of all police stations of all Bangladesh are saved. CDMS is a modern VCNB.

Through this post, I am going to show you the real information about the CDMS server. I will discuss the details about that server. Hope you like it very much.

Bangladesh Police is currently in the age of information technology. CDMS is an acceptable new system for keeping record of information about crime related offences, convicts, absconders,

professional criminals and abettors of crime committed in the country. Through the CDMS system, an accused person can be easily identified and arrested. Bangladesh Police

Headquarters Dhaka’s mahal server has been set up. All the information of registered cases in every police station of the country is sent to the said server.

The Investigating Officer may collect information about the crime while investigating the case. All the crime related information like date time, name of the place of incident,

name of the accused, name of the father, address, forward challan of all the police stations of all Bangladesh are kept in hand. The need for CDMS in investigating cases is immense.

In this post I will show you what CDMS is and what can be done with CDMS. CDMS is a server management system of police. CDMS is one of the tools of the current police.

It is a legal process of storing crime-related information. At present, there are complaints that this system is not being used properly by the Bangladesh Police.

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Being used to achieve various objectives against individuals and groups. Crime Data Management System is one of the tools of Bangladesh Police. Even if the primary accusers from conspiratorial,

false, baseless cases are acquitted by the court after the final police report or long legal battle and social and financial loss, their names remain in the list of accused criminals in CDMS.

That is, even if the name of the accuser or accusers is not initially mentioned in the final report of the police or even if the court finds them innocent, their name remains in the criminal list.

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