CGPA Grading System in Bangladesh (Honours, Degree, Masters)

Many times we come to internet how to check CGPA in different academic year and how to calculate CGPA. I want to know about that. I will tell you through this post today.

GPA is the scoring system used to represent a student’s overall academic performance or standing assessment. Grading systems usually vary by region, country, or educational institution.

For example, GPA is considered out of four in universities in Bangladesh like the North American region. Again neighboring country India is out of nine as a grating.

Again, some countries express the marks obtained in the percentage system. The grade points a student earns are indicated by doing all the readings according to the subject of study.

If you are searching to know about different CGPA Grating System including Hons. Then today’s article is going to be very important for you.

What number of subjects a student studies in first year is nine. CGPA is obtained by dividing the sum of the GPA obtained for each semester or year by the total credits. Keep an eye on our website for more detailed information.

You can do this yourself without getting someone else to get CGPA. I have given the table above for your clear understanding. If you look at the above table carefully,

you will know the detailed information like grade points and letter points. If you get 80 in any university, your grade point can be taken as four, ie A plus in letter great.

And if a university gets 90 then A plus is available in letter grade. So everyone should know their own varsity and grading system. In addition to letter grades and grade points,

it is important to know how many credits a course carries. If you look carefully at the example below, you will understand how many credits are there in a subject.

Basically, an examination of 100 marks usually carries four credits. And each course has a specific credit value depending on the university. Any course may have three credits.

CGPA Grading System in Bangladesh

May have no credit. Some courses are especially lab courses. Without multiplying their credit value with each course, it is known how many students completed fewer total credits in a semester.

Read carefully from the beginning to the end. Then you will know. 80 to 100 marks under National University is considered as grade point four and first division. Hello friends how are you all.

Those of you who are searching the internet to know about National University CGPA derivation rules. Our today’s article is for them. If you have got 60 to 64 marks in any subject.

Then your CGPA will be counted as three and you will know that you have passed the first category. Also if your total score is 70 to 74. Then your point account will be three. That means you have passed the first division.

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