(ক্লিক করুন) Write a dialogue between two friends on the choice of career.

A new topic has been added to our curriculum. This is called dialogue. Dialogue is the name given to how we communicate with a person. Usually, a dialogue is composed between two people.

Dialogue in job exams or exams in different schools and that has to be studied well. In addition, in the written test of BCS exam, students and teachers were asked to write fictional dialogues

or dialogues about the mass uprising of Bangladesh independence movement in 1971. After finishing their studies, they were asked to write a dialogue between the

two friends about making a living by taking a job. So we may need to know about dialogue in one case or another. You have to know what to write in the dialogue.

Today through this post we will tell you how to write dialogue in different types of competitive exams including job exams and rules for writing dialogues.

The language of a dialogue should be exactly the way we usually talk to people. Conversation between two or more people is called dialogue. In everyday life, we ​​are constantly talking to each other.

Notice that most of the pubs are isolated and incomplete and do not flow properly and are not well organized. But we have to pay close attention to the language of dialogue

if we want to highlight the dialogue in the book. The character of the dialogue must be careful enough. Care must be taken to ensure that the language of the dialogue

is simple and clearly understood. The content of the dialogue will be selected. What kind of dialogue should be composed. It is necessary to understand it well

and arrange the languages ​​in the mind. In order to make the presentation of the topic more fluent, we have published several demo dialogues on our website.

You can understand by watching the dialogues. How to have a conversation between two people When writing a fictional dialogue, you must pay attention to the main content.

Initially, the dialogue has to start with polite speech. And in the case of dialogue writing, the word should be between 170 and 180. There should be a total of 16 to 17 sentences.

In case of writing a dialogue then friends let me know through this post. How to Write a Dialog Keep in mind that fictional dialogue is not just a story between more than one person.

It is actually a review of a topic through dialogue. Therefore, it is necessary to take care that such essays do not move away from anything else.

We have to end the conversation between the two people while keeping the main topic. Otherwise, the success of dialogue will be revealed

and there will be a chance to get good marks on the test. So friends, through this post, I told you how to write. You will get good marks in the exam if you take care of these things.

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