(ক্লিক করে দেখুন) Write a dialogue between two friends about climate change.

Competitive exams come at different times. To write a dialogue, first, you need to know the rules of writing fictional dialogue in the job test. First, you have to create a title according to the question.

You can mark the title below. Then mention the place and time of writing the dialogue. It is not usually questioned. Moreover, the third bracket below space and time will create a perspective.

Conversations between buyers about the price of 1 kg of pulses at 10:00 AM on such a market holiday. Start writing with some such information.

When we talk, we have different expressions. The first parentheses must be expressed. The movement and arrival and departure of the character must be indicated by a third bracket.

The question of who will be in the dialogue is specified. However, it would be better if the third one creates another character while answering.

For example, in a buyer-seller dialogue, another person may be involved. The dialogue of the third character has to give only one. That he will not play a major role at all.

His arrival location must show the third bracket. Regionalism must be avoided in dialogue. However, when writing dialogues about the character of the poor peasant rickshaw puller, etc.

keep a little regionalism in the verbs and words. One or two dialogues will be a little longer. Where there will be some information. Sometimes this kind of dialogue

is called soliloquy when the character speaks in his mind. Dialogue can take place between different people. Such as mother, father, daughter, mother, son,

brother, sister, grandfather, grandson, two friends, teacher-student, buyer-seller, doctor, patient, rickshaw puller, policeman, customer bank officer, among the senior leaders.

Today we will tell you the position in front of you through this post that a conversation between two friends on the issue of environmental change can be discussed

in this case with a friend how to discuss environmental pollution and what steps can be taken to protect against environmental pollution.

In addition, what we can do from our own place can be presented in the middle of the dialogue. Basically since the dialogue with the friend.

He must start the dialogue with good words, then the sweetness of the dialogue will gradually be revealed. You should not say anything irrelevant. Present all the information

on the topic you have to talk about and with consistent language. A few days ago, Glasgow, Scotland became a climate conference and an environmental conference.

The subject can also be included in the dialogue. Recently, no one knows about this issue and does not want to include it. You can get good marks in exams

if you include this subject. So, friends, I let you know through this post. How to write a dialogue. And if you want to get any information, visit the website and find out.

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