CoronaVirus Bd – Covid-19 Update News (সত্য-মিথ্যা জেনে নিন, প্রতিকার)

Coronavirus infection has spread around the world. This opportunity is spreading a lot of misinformation. Remember, awareness is the most important way to prevent corona.

The same applies to misinformation spreading about Corona. The virus is new. Research on this is now underway. The World Health Organization and the US Disease Control Agency CDC have outlined what to do, what not to do about Corona.

This information was revealed in an article published on Wednesday (March 27) in the Prothom-Alo magazine. Article Details –

 Truth of Coronavirus

1. Corona does not swell from the throat if you drink a little water, salt or vinegar mixed with water or warm water or soak your throat or put garlic in the mouth. One such information is circulating on social media. There is no scientific basis for this information.

2. The idea that there will be no coronary infection in the heat, is also wrong. The transition has nothing to do with the weather and the temperature of the environment. Corona can cause infection at any temperature.


3. Thermal scanners only detect body temperature. This does not confirm coronary infection. So it’s not fair to think that Corona did not get caught in a thermal scanner. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 days for the symptoms to appear. Therefore, at-risk people must stay in Quarantine for at least 7 days.

4. Corona antidepressant: It takes a long time to become a recognized vaccine or antidote for human consumption. It took 20 months to make the circus antioxidant spread in 20 CE and more than 3 years to make the Ebola antidote spread to African countries. Efforts are underway to make Corona anti-depressant. However, it will take some time to become an internationally recognized antidote.

5. Corona can be prevented in face masks, which is also a misconception. After wearing a normal surgical mask, there is a slight gap between the face and the mask, which is sufficient to penetrate the droplet (small fluid particles in the mouth).


The N-8 mask can withstand 5 per cent of the air to zero decimal 5 microns or larger. That does not mean that it can be avoided if worn. Covid-1 patients and patient carers, carers, hospital doctors and nurses are required to wear masks.

The best prevention is to wash your hands repeatedly and not to put your hands in your nose or mouth. Soap-water is most effective in hand washing. The outer cover of the Coronavirus is fat. Therefore, any common alkaline soap is effective in this regard. Because, the alkali fat cover is broken, the hands are free of viruses. If there is no soap-water, you can wash your hands with an antiseptic handwash or an alcoholic sanitizer.

Corona spreads: Coronavirus is infected with the infected person’s breath, coughs, or any fluid or droplet that comes out of the mouth through a droplet.


If the person touches the site, the virus can be infected with the nose and eyes and mouth. It is therefore important to maintain mutual distance. Must be at least three feet away.

Dr Tanzina Hossain: Associate Professor, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Green Life Medical College Hospital.

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