E Passport Fee Bangladesh 2023 (e passport cost bangladesh)

Bangladesh has entered the era of E Passport as the 52nd country. Today through this post we will show you how to apply for E Passport and what is its procedure. Besides, how much taka it takes to make

your passport and how much taka fee is required to be submitted and the rules for submitting the application fee will be discussed in detail. Passport process has started.

E Passport will initially be distributed from Agargaon, Jatrabari and Uttara passport offices. E Passport There are three types of passports of 48 and 64 pages. Different fees are required

to be submitted for E-Passport for Urgent Urgent and General 5 year and 10 year validity. Those of you who wanted to know about the various freebies of E Passport.

This is our post for them. For five years 48 page AE Passport fee is 7500 taka in 2 days Emergency passport is 5500 taka in 7 days and ordinary passport is 3500 taka in 15 days.

5,000 taka fee to get 10 year 48 page e-passport in 15 days. 7,000 taka to get urgent passport in 7 days and 9,000 taka to get ultra urgent passport in 2 days.

A fee of 5,500 taka is required to get a 5-year 64-page ‘ordinary passport’ in 15 days. 7,500 taka fee for ‘urgent passport’ in 7 days and 10,500 taka for ‘very urgent’ passport in 2 days.

E Passport Fee Bangladesh

Today we will show you through this post. How to Apply for E Passport Now you don’t have to stand in long queues to apply for passport, you can apply for E Passport from home online and through laptop.

www.epassport.gov.bd/instructions/instructions I gave the link before you. By clicking on this link you can apply for E Passport at home in a very short time.

Hope there will be no problem. Today we will present several application forms of E Passport in front of you through this post. Do you know that to apply for E Passport, you have to fill a form.

You can download the passport application and form. What did Philap say there? You can fill it correctly by following the below description.

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