Fahim Saleh Biography, Picture, Profile, Pathao, Bangladesh

Fahim Saleh was brutally murdered in New York City today. If you want, you can find out the biography of Fahim Saleh and all the details of his life from here.

He was originally an American citizen, meaning he lived permanently in the United States. We recently learned that Fahim Saleh was brutally murdered in New York City. If you want to know about it then keep reading the post below.

To know more about Fahim Saleh, you must read our post. Then you can easily find out the exact information about it from our website.

Fahim Saleh

Now Fahim’s death is a mystery in Bangladesh and all over the world. So many of you want to know the cause of death of Fahim Saleh. And many wanted to know more about him. What does he do, where is he a citizen, what was his profession?

However, we have now come up with all these questions and answers. If you read this post, you can easily know all the details about it.

Fahim Saleh Biography, Picture, Profile, Pathao, Bangladesh

We all know that he was the initiator of Pathao. At a very young age, he brought success in life. Let’s say we don’t know the details about him.

Fahim Saleh Pathao (পাঠাও)

We all know that sending is an easy way to get from one place to another. It is one of the top riding systems in Bangladesh. As the founder of Pathao Riding, he is widely known. Every person in Bangladesh is enjoying the benefits of this ride.

We can say that he was very successful at a very young age. So it has gained a reputation as an icon for our youth.

We all know that you have to use a sending app to write. Together, he and his colleagues created the first app. And with that app, people can easily move from one place to another with different types of vehicles.

And the name of this app is Pathao Apps. It was first launched in Bangladesh in 2016. Since then, the popularity of this Pathao Rider has been increasing day by day.

Fahim Saleh’s Biography

If we don’t know about Fahim Saleh’s biodata, you can easily find out all the information about his life from our website.

He was born in Saudi Arabia. He grew up in Chittagong in his childhood and his grandfather’s house was in Chittagong and Nanu’s house was in Noakhali.

He graduated from American University. Which is located in America and he lives permanently in America.

Name: Fahim Saleh

Father: Saleh Uddin

Born: Saudi Arabia

Education: Bentley University, USA

Occupation: Self-Entrepreneur


  • Founder and CEO at Gokadathe largest last-mile courier delivery solution in Nigeria.
  • Chief Financial Officer at Founding Partner at Adventure Capital
  • Co-Founder at Pathao, a ride-sharing platform in Bangladesh.
  • CEO at KickBack Inc.
  • CEO at PrankDial
  • Former Founding Partner at HackHouse Dhaka
  • Former President (title) at WizTeen

Fahim Saleh Pictures Download

Many of you will be looking for Fahim’s picture. So here are some good pictures of Fahim for you. If you want, you can easily download his pictures from here.

Fahim Saleh Death

He was killed early Wednesday morning in New York City. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the injuries. However, the New York Police Department has already begun an investigation.

He was killed in a very brutal way. Every part of his body has been amputated.

Now we have to rely on the New York City police to get the next update. If we get any new update, we will give the update here In She Allah.

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