(দেখুন) Write a dialogue between two friends about the necessity of female education.

Questions are asked on many important topics in English. Dialogue is one of the most important. Most exams ask you to write dialogues on different topics.

Many people get scared when they write dialogues in English. Many do not know how to write a dialogue. There are many rules for writing dialogues. If you can master the rules,

you can easily write a dialogue on any subject. At present most of the exams are allowed to write dialogues on the importance of female education. This is a very important dialogue.

So if you want to write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of female education, then you must highlight the important aspects of female education.

That means first you have to see which of the two speakers is writing the dialog. If the two speakers are friends, you must address them.

At the beginning of writing the dialogue, first, start the dialogue with a courtesy speech. This multiplies the beauty and sweetness of the dialogue.

Then you will write about the important aspects of female education. Where is the current position of female education, and why female education is necessary to highlight these issues.

Most tests have only 5 numbers on the dialog. So the dialog for number five can’t be made too big. You need to finish the dialogue in 150 to 200 words.

This enhances the beauty of the dialogue. If the dialogue is too long, the reader may feel hesitant to read the dialogue. Moreover, never use pure language in the dialogue.

Try to use common language as much as possible. The dialogue becomes more complicated when using pure language. This makes it difficult for the reader to read the dialogue.

Care should be taken so that the reader does not have any difficulty in reading the dialogue. No complex language can be used in the dialog.

Use simple words as much as possible. Use words that the reader can easily understand the meaning of the words. This way you will easily get more numbers in the dialog.

The more you practice dialogue, the more your ability to write dialogues will increase. Once you learn how to write dialogues, you will be able to write dialogues

on the topic on which you will be given dialogue. Besides, learning dialogue is very important. This is because most of the test interviews have questions on English subject.

There you have to answer in English. If you can write dialogs, you can easily converse in English. If you want to write dialogues well, you can follow English newspaper. There are also various English ad books available

that you can practice more and more. You will learn more new words. Many of you did not know the rules of dialogue writing. I hope you can easily write your own dialogue by reading our article.

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