FZS V3 Price in BD 2023 [Yamaha FZS V3 ABS Price in Bangladesh]

Today we present to you through this post the current market price of Yamaha FZV 3 Bike. Let’s talk about it. It’s a motorcycle with a power that looks great.

This motorcycle 155 cc bike has single cylinder. The long awaited updated bike from the Yamaha FZS is the Yamaha FZs FI. The new Yamaha FZSFI V2 has a more

refined engine that gives more mileage than the previous version. The Yamaha FZSFI V2 is available in 4 colors – Hurricane Grey, Night Red, Lighting Cyan, Opal White.

FZS V3 Price in BD

Through this post I will discuss the details of fzs bike and the current market price of this bike. I will discuss about that. Read the article carefully from the beginning to the end.

Yamaha FZSV3 current market price is around 5 lakh 25 thousand taka. You can ride this bike and it is one of the most popular bikes among the young generation.

Yamaha FZS FIV Two 2019 market price in Bangladesh is 2 lakh 44000 taka. But the Dark Knight version. Its current market value is 2 lakh 65 thousand taka.

Yamaha FZS price in Bangladesh

So friends, through this post I have been able to give you an idea about the current market of this bike. Today in this post we will discuss about the current

market price of Yamaha FZ bike. You often search the internet to know about this. If you want to buy a bike with your hard-earned taka.

Then definitely buy yamaha fzs bike. Because the current market price of Yamaha FZS bike has reduced a lot and the mileage of this bike is very high.

fzs v3 deluxe price in bangladesh

The current market price of Yamaha FZS is 2 lakh 65 thousand taka to 2 lakh 70 thousand taka. So friends, through this question

See: FZS V3 Price in BD

I have given detailed information in front of you. If your budget is a little higher then you can take out Yamaha and One Five V3.

The bike is near this generation and the most popular in this model house. This bike uses a double disc and great features.

yamaha fzs v3 abs price in bangladesh

Currently the market price of this bike is 4 lakh 75 thousand taka which is the most expensive among other bikes in Bangladesh.

Then through the next post, I will discuss the other features of the bike in front of you. Finally, stay tuned if you want to know

about the bike and want to know the specifications of the bike. Then you can read the article from the beginning to the end.

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