GP 40GB Internet Only 499Tk for 30 Days Offer 2024

Dear Customer This time Grameenphone has brought you a great internet offer. For those Grameenphone users, this internet offer will hopefully be very exciting. Because Home Quarantine is running all over the world. So you can take your Grameenphone Internet package at a lower cost than when you are sitting at home.

So that your boring time is well spent. This package is 40GB internet for only 30 days and will get only Tk 499. Are you looking for a Grameenphone Internet Offer? Then I would say that you have come to the right place.

Because from here you can easily get 40 GB internet of Grameenphone for only 30 days for only 499 takas. So let’s get started, how do you get 40GB of the internet from your Grameen SIM for 30 days for 499 takas.

Why GP 40GB will take the internet offer

Staying home as you are lazy time. So this offer should be taken by Grameen SIM users. So you can have a good time at home quarantine. If you are a subscriber to Grameen SIM. Then this offer is applicable to you and to all Grameen SIM users.

Are you a subscriber to Grameenphone SIM? If you are a Grameenphone SIM user, you can avail of this offer. You need to have a minimum of 499 takas in your account to avail of the offer. If less then this offer does not apply to you.

Because getting this offer will deduct Tk 499 from your balance. That means you can have more than 499 bucks in your account. If you follow the rules below to avail of this offer, then you can easily get GP 40GB Internet Only 499Tk for 30 Days Offer 2024.

GP MB Transfer System 2024

GP Balance Transfer System 2024

How To Get GP 40GB At 499 Taka Offer

You can take this offer in two ways. First, you can get the offer by going to the Grameenphone application and secondly you can get this offer by dialling the code.

GP Internet Offer 2024

GP Minute Offer 2024

If you are using a Grameenphone app. Then you can easily avail this offer of internet through the Grameenphone app.

GP 40GB Internet Only 499Tk for 30 Days Offer 2020 । GP Interner Offer 2020

The first medium: First, you need to open the Grameenphone app. Then go there and click on the Internet option. Then there are various offers on the Internet, from there select your specific offer. Then you click on that offer. If you have a balance in your account, the Internet package will automatically be deducted from your balance.

GP IMO Pack 2024

GP Social Pack 2024

The second medium: Through this, you can easily get this internet offer without any internet connection. You need to dial a code to get this package. If you dial that code, You will automatically receive your offer. 499 will be deducted from your balance immediately.

GP Bondho SIM Offer 2024

GP SMS Pack 2024

Package Code of GP 40 GB by 499 TK

Many of you know the Internet package code, and there are many people who do not know the package code. Below is the code for those who don’t know. So that you can easily get this internet offer by dialling the code so that you can see the code.

GP New SIM Offer 2024

GP Recharge Offer 2024

The internet package code is *121*3435#

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