(ক্লিক করুন) Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your hobby.

Currently, a new topic has been added to most of the tests. Its name is Dialogue. In Bengali, it is called conversation or dialogue. Many people get scared when they go to write dialogues.

Many people panic when it comes to writing a dialogue, especially in English. At present most of the tests allow writing dialogues on various topics.

There are many who do not know how to write dialogues. Many do not know the rules of writing dialogues. Many do not know how to make the dialogue understandable to the reader.

In today’s article we have discussed many important issues related to dialogue. If you read the article carefully, you will know the details about the dialogue.

Many times in the test, two friends are allowed to write a dialogue about a hobby. Many cannot write this dialogue. This is because they do not know the rules of writing dialogues.

If you want to write a dialogue about hobbies between two friends, you must first mention the names of the two speakers. Then you have to start the dialogue with courtesy.

Next we have to discuss our hobby. In this way any type of dialogue can be written. It is better if a sentence of a dialogue is between two or three lines.

When writing dialogues, you must use simple language. Use words so that the reader can easily understand the meaning of the word. Care should be taken so that the reader does

not have any difficulty in reading the dialogue. Complex language cannot be used in dialogs. The more simple and fluent language can be used in the dialogue,

the more the beauty of the dialogue will increase. For most dialogs the number is 5. So it is better if the dialogue for number five is between 150 and 200 words.

If it is more than that, the dialog will get bigger. Again the dialog cannot be seen too small. When you write a dialogue, you will think that the two people you are writing

the dialogue with are the two people in front of you. When they are in front, you will write the dialogue exactly as you used to say. First, you have to look at the contents of the dialog.

That means you will write a dialogue on any topic. If you want to write a dialogue about the hobby of two friends, then you must discuss the hobby of two people.

Hobby gardening is the favorite of many, reading picture books, etc. is the favorite of many. We have to discuss the hobby of those who like it.

If you want to get good numbers in dialogue, you have to practice writing more and more dialogues. Increase the number of words. The more words you learn, the more dialogue you can write.

For this, you can collect English newspapers. You can also increase your knowledge by watching various talk shows. If you practice writing dialogues every day, it becomes easier to write dialogues.

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