HSC Result 2022

(দেখুন) HSC Grading System 2022 Bangladesh

Many changes have been made in the 2022 HSC examination system. Because for a long time it has not been possible to conduct class activities normally for coronavirus. In this context, the Ministry of Education has decided to take the test under the new rules.

This year 50 marks have been taken instead of 100 marks. Out of 50 marks, 30 marks will be for creative and the remaining 20 marks will be for subjective. A student who achieves at least 10 in the creative part and at least 7 in the non-creative part will be considered as successful.

The creative and ethical parts have to be passed separately. Today’s post discusses an easy way to calculate HSC results. I hope you will be able to find out the HSC GPA by reading this post carefully.

hsc grading system 2022

Many of you know about HSC grading system. In today’s post we have tried to give a complete idea about HSC grading system. Usually, if the number obtained in a subject is between 80 and 100 then A +,

A is calculated from 70 to 79, A from 60 to 69, B from 50 to 59, C from 40 to 49, D from 30 to 39. Those who took the HSC exam in 2022 have taken the exam at a total of 50 marks.

However, the test results will be calculated according to the previous rules. Grading will be calculated by converting 50 numbers to 100 numbers. I hope you have read the post and got an idea about grading system.

hsc grading system in bangladesh 2022

The first thing to do if you want to calculate HSC GPA without the fourth subject. First you have to add the points of each subject. Except for the fourth subject, the rest of the subject’s points must be added.

HSC Grading System 2022 Bangladesh

Then you need to subtract 2 points from the points obtained in your fourth subject and add that to the sum. Then the sum of all the points has how many subjects except the fourth subject

Download: HSC Result 2022 Marksheet with Number

If he divides by the number of subjects, HSC GPA will come out. In this way by adopting the above process you can easily calculate HSC GPA except the fourth subject.

how to check hsc grade system

Today’s post has been made for many of the 2022 HSC candidates who cannot calculate GPA except for the fourth subject. The point is made clear by an example.

HSC GPA Calculation 2022 System

Suppose GPA obtained in English is 4.00, GPA obtained in Bengali is 5.00, GPA obtained in Higher Mathematics is 5.00, GPA obtained in Chemistry is 5.00,

GPA obtained in Physics is 5.00. The sum of the points obtained in each subject = (4.00 + 5.00 + 5.00 + 5.00 + 5.00) = 24.

gpa 5 grading system in bangladesh

Except for the fourth subject GPA = (24 ÷ 5) = 4.80. In the above process, you can easily determine the GPA of your HSC exam except for the fourth subject.

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