HSC Routine 2019

HSC Routine 2019

HSC Routine 2019 has been published by http://www.dshe.gov.bd

Introduction Of HSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate)

After Twelve years of schooling at the primary and secondary level, students (18+) who succeed in passing the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination have the option of joining a college for a two-year higher secondary education in their respective areas of specialization or enrolling in a technical or polytechnic institute. After the two-year higher secondary education, one has to sit for another public examination called Higher Secondary Certificate Examination conducted by the education boards to qualify for further education.

Students of religious and English medium streams also sit for their respective public examinations, Alim and “A” level, conducted by the Madrasah Education Board and London/Cambridge University respectively to qualify for further education. Every year, HSC Exam starts from April in Bangladesh. HSC Exam Routine publishes 2 months ago before the examination.

The Board of Intermediate and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka, is responsible for administering all public schools with the exception of English-medium schools and madrassahs in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh as well as the entire Dhaka Division. You want to more information so you visit The Higher Secondary School Certificate of official website http://www.dshe.gov.bd

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Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC)

The Higher Secondary School Certificate, also known as HSC, is a public examination taken by students in Bangladesh after successful completion of twelve years of schooling. It is followed by the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC). Since 2011 JSC is being taken in full Creative (locally Srijonshil) questions.

Exam Date and Time

HSC exam 2019 will start from 1st March 2019. Higher Secondary School Certificate Exam Routine 2019 published soon. HSC Routine maybe published January 2019. When the authority published HSC time and schedule, we update here. So keep on your eyes to get all updates. HSC Result, SSC Suggestion, SSC Result, PSC Suggestion REsctutiny Application process 2019.

HSC Final Routine 2019 Will Publish on April 2019

HSC Routine 2019

All Education Board Of HSC Routine 2019


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HSC Result 2019

HSC Result 2019 will maybe publish on May 2019. You will get all board HSC result 2019 from our website. AllEducationResult.Com is a best educational news portal for all education board Bangladesh. you will get not only SSC Routine 2019 but also SSC Result 2019, HSC Result 2019, PSC Result, JSC Result. If you have any question about SSC Routine 2019 Exam Bangladesh Education Board then you can comment below or message us through our facebook page.

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HSC Routine 2019 Dhaka Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board was established on May 7, 1921, following the recommendations of the Saddar Commission. Under the control of Intermediate College and High School and Islamic Intermediate College of Dhaka City and High Madrasa Board of Greater Bengal. An advisory board made by the director of the Department of Public Education, Greater Bengal is given the power to manage the board.

In the government order, the Dhaka Board dissolved in September 1947. In 1955 its name was changed to East Bengal Secondary Education Board and it was until 1961. The level of this new board was limited to secondary level education in the province of East Pakistan and the control of intermediate education was transferred to the University of Dhaka.

The responsibility of intermediate education was given to the board from the Board in 1961 and the Board was named after the Intermediate and Secondary Education Board and after the independence, Dhaka Division’s internal and secondary education board was named. Go for details: https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Chittagong Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Chittagong is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for two public examinations. The board started its operation in 1995. After the announcement by the authorities after the board start holding JSC examination. Go for details: https://web.bise-ctg.gov.bd/bisectg


HSC Routine 2019 Rajshahi Board

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Rajshahi was established in 1961, which resulted in the control of administrative and education of the Dhaka Education Board in secondary and central areas, separate education zones were created in North Bangladesh! East Pakistan was made under the Ordinance of 1961. Known as the Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance of 961. The jurisdiction of the Board of Rajshahi Division! Board of Secondary School and Higher Secondary School Certificate is responsible for the supervision, control and development of holding, intermediate and secondary education institutions holding public examinations! The Government is more than one and wide for the purpose of the government, as an important organization, due to the principle of policy for the government and the purpose of the Board to ensure its implementation. Go for details: http://www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Sylhet Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Sylhet is an autonomous organization responsible for public examinations in four districts of Sylhet division. The board was established in 1999, the current president of the board, Professor Mumtaz Shamim. Go for details: https://sylhetboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Comilla Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Comilla is an autonomous organization responsible for public examinations (Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in Comilla District. And five districts near Comilla division. [2] The Board was established in 1962 under the East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education (Amendment) Ordinance, 1962. Go for details: http://comillaboard.portal.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Barisal Board

The Intermediate and Secondary Education Board of Barisal is an autonomous body which is mainly responsible for holding JSC, SSC and HSC and for the recognition of newly established private educational institutions and for the supervision, control and development of those institutions. It started operations in 199 (here referred to as BIS). Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Barisal (hereinafter referred to as BIS) started its activities in 1999. It is an autonomous and self-regulatory body under the management of administration and management. Considering the increasing demand of both the country’s qualitative and quantitative education, BIS-Barisal is looking to develop it as a centre of excellence in the field of education administration. Its goals are to inspect and improve the management of school and college management committees, student enrollment control in schools and colleges, improvement of physical education and sports, and three important public examinations organizations- JSC (Junior School Certificate) SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC. (Higher Secondary Certificate) examination of the Barisal Division. It provides scholarships to meritorious students on the basis of results. Go for details: http://www.barisalboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Dinajpur Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Dinajpur, Bangladesh is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for three public examinations (Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), and Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC) Recognition of the established private educational institutions and supervision of those institutions, Regulations It was started in operation in 2006. Earlier, this education board was in the Rajshahi Education Board. Go for details: http://www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Jessore Board

Intermediate and Secondary Education Board, Jessore, Bangladesh is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for two public examinations and recognition of newly established private educational institutions. Go for details: https://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Madrasha Board

Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board or “Alia Madrasa Education Board” started its activities independently in 1979. In 1978, with a period of madrasa education, a human and science faculty was included in the Alim level and in 1980 the criteria for Fazil Degree was given to HSC level education. In 1985, SSC education standards were given at the level. And in 1987, the level of HSC education was awarded to Alim Level. Madrasah education includes humanity, science, business and technical education. Meanwhile, BA has been passed for Fazil and Kamil’s education. And general education MA degree In 1780 Alia Madrasah was established by the British Government, who formed the Madrasah Education Board of Bengal. Madrasah education was officially started. In 1939, at the Calcutta Aliya Madrasa Award ceremony, the Prime Minister’s short term expired AK Fazlul Huq said, “I want modernization of madrasa education should be modernized and should be established in Arabic university”. In order to implement the announcement of share-e-bangla, a committee called maul box was formed. The committee advised the development of madrasa education. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, many commissions were formed for the development of madrasa education. In 1949, the “Reorganization Committee for the West Bengal Education System” was formed and in 1963-64 the name of the Arabic university was mentioned. After the independence of Bangladesh, steps were taken to modernize madrasa education in 1971. Bengali, mathematics, English, social science, general science were compulsory. In 1978, the Madrasa Education Board was formed under the Ordinance for the modernization of Madrasah education. The board has difficulty in recruiting teachers for science-related classes. In 2017, the government of Bangladesh removed the reference of jihad from Madrasa Education Board’s book. Go for details: http://www.bmeb.gov.bd/


HSC Routine 2019 Technical Board

Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) is a government board responsible for the control and development of technical and vocational secondary education across Bangladesh. [1] The board determines curriculum, develops education materials, approves technical and vocational institutions, manages admission, examinations and gives certificates or diplomas of awards. Go for details: http://www.bteb.gov.bd/


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