HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download (New Update Routine)

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC)

The Higher Secondary School Certificate, also known as HSC, is a public examination taken by students in Bangladesh after successful completion of twelve years of schooling. It is followed by the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC). Since 2011 JSC is being taken in full Creative (locally Srijonshil) questions.

When will the HSC Exam Routine 2020 be published?

HSC Routine 2020 has already been published. So if you would like to download our HSC Routine 2020 by visiting our website or the Education Board website.

Where do you get your HSC routine?

So let’s talk about how you can download your HSC routine 2020. You can find your HSC routine on our website if you like. Again, if you want, you can also download your HSC Exam Routine 2020 from the official website of the Board of Education.

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download (New Update Routine) Moreover, there are different types of routines of different boards all over Bangladesh. So first select which board routine you want to download. You can be a student of Dhaka Board, Comilla, Jessore, Chittagong, Barisal, Dinajpur, and even Madrasa Board. But don’t worry, no matter what board you are on, you will find all the routines on our website.

When will the HSC exam be held in 2020?

Like every year, the whole of Bangladesh will be held together on April 1, 2020. As usual, the test will start with the first letter of Bengali. Testing usually starts at 10 am and ends at one in the afternoon.

What are the topics in the HSC exam?

We usually know that our high school activities are taking place in all three disciplines – Science, Arts, Commerce. However,

Bangla English ICT is compulsory for all of them. Moreover, the subjects which are Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Economics, Agriculture, Statistics, Philosophy, Islamic History, Finance, Banking etc.

How do you download an HSC exam routine PDF file?

HSC Exam Routine 2020 has been published on all boards. So if you want to download your HSC Test 2020 routine PDF file. Then click on the HSC Routine 2020 link on our website.

Or if you have any problems downloading then you can post or comment on our Facebook group. Our Facebook Group is All Education Result.

HSC Routine 2020 Exam Date and Time

HSC exam 2020 will start from 1st March 2020. Higher Secondary School Certificate Exam Routine 2020 published soon. HSC Routine maybe published in January 2020. When the authority published HSC time and schedule, we update here. So keep on your eyes to get all updates.

HSC Exam 2020 Kobe Hobe?

Do you have many student friends who want to know that HSC Exam 2020 Kobe Hobe? The answer to their question is yet to be said for sure that HSC Exam Kobe Hobe ?.

However, it can be said that if the condition of coronavirus is normal. His HSC exam is scheduled to be held in a few days. So you bookmark our page so that you know as soon as the update routine is given.

HSC Routine 2020 Kobe Ber Hobe

Do you want to know HSC Routine 2020 Kobe Ber Hobe? Then you are in the right place. From here you can know when the SSC routine will come out.

Honestly, it is not yet possible to say when the HSC routine will come out. Because everyone knows the situation of our country well. All educational institutions are closed due to the horrors of Corona.

HSC Exam 2020 Update News

There are no new updates for SSC exams yet. However, it is estimated that educational institutions will open in September. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

HSC New Routine ki publish hoye gece?

Many of you want to know that HSC New Routine ki publish hoye gece? Their question paper is that the new routine of SSC examination has not been published yet. However, as soon as the situation in the country becomes normal, your routine will be published.

HSC exam 2020 er new routine

Many of you may be looking for the new routine of HSC Exam 2020. However, I would like to say to them that the new routine of HSC examination has not been published yet.

So bookmark our website to get the new routine. Because as soon as the new routine is published, we will publish the routine here.

hsc exam 2020 new update pdf

Are you looking for HSC Exam 2020 New Update Routine PDF? Then you are in the right place. Because from here you can easily download your routine PDF file. So download your routine PDF file from below now.

Important Information on HSC Exam 2020 Education Board 

  • HSC Routine published on 25 February 2020
  • Exam Starts on 1st April 2020
  • Exam Ends on 3 May 2020
  • Starting Time: 10.00 am
  • Exam Ending Time: 1.00 pm
  • Exam Duration: 3 Hours
  • Education Board Official Website: www.educationboard.gov.bd


HSC New Routine 2020 (সংশোধিত নতুন রুটিন)

HSC modified or revised routine has been published. So if you want to download your HSC Routine 2020 PDF file or download HSC Routine 2020 in picture format. Then download your routine from below.

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board

HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board

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HSC Result 2020

HSC Result 2020 will maybe publish in May 2020. You will get all board HSC result 2020 from our website. If you have any question about SSC Routine 2020 Exam Bangladesh Education Board then you can comment below or message us through our Facebook page. We will reply as soon as possible.

By the way, if you have any question about the HSC exam routine or HSC result for all education board, please feel free to ask any question through the comment box or message our Facebook page.

Alim Routine 2020 Madrasah Board

Are you looking for Alim Exam Routine 2020? Then you are in the right place. You can easily download the Alim exam routine from here. Today’s Alim Exam Routine Madrasa Board of Education has published.

So all student friends, download the Alim Routine published by the Madrasa Education Board from here. We have here your routine in both PDF format and picture format. So click here to download your Alim Routine 2020.

HSC BM Routine 2020 Technical Board

There are many student friends among you who are looking for HSC BM Routine 2020 Technical Education Board. Let me inform you that today the Board of Technical Education has published the HSC BM Routine. So if you want you can easily download your routine here.

Your routine is given to us here in both PDF format and picture format. So you can download whatever format you want. So click here to download your HSC BM Routine 2020.

Grading System Of HSC Exam Result 2020

If you do not know the grading system of the HSC exam. Then you can easily see your exam grading system from here. For your convenience, we have shown the grading system in a table below. So take a look at your grading system now.

Marks Grade Point Letter Grade
0 to 32 0.00 F
33 to 39 1.00 D
40 to 49 2.00 C
50 to 49 3.00 B
60 to 69 3.50 A-
70 to 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+

How do you prepare for the HSC exam?

It is not possible to finish the entire book, guide, test paper. Moreover, we all know that the syllabus of HSC exams is very high. So if you want to test boards of test papers and good schools can be solved. Hopefully, you will benefit greatly. So best of luck, bless you so that you can take your preparations very well.

HSC Practical Examination Routine 2020

We all know when the Practical Examination is held after the Retten test. The HSC exam will be held from 2020, May 5 to

May 13, 2020. Practical exam schedules will be provided at various test centres. Usually, the board has some instructions. That is the Patricial Examination Routine with our Maine routine.

However, between 5 girls and 13 girls are instructed to take practice tests in all centres. So after all the exams have been completed, it is given notice to the Practical Examination Centers that when will the practical examination start.

HSC Examination Candidate

Usually, this time every year, there are more female candidates than boys. We all know that there are a total of eight education boards in Bangladesh. Every year, the number of candidates on all boards is increasing. If you compare the

the number of candidates for 2018 and 2019, you will find that the number of examinations has increased by about 40 thousand from 2018 to about 40 thousand students.

As we all know, in addition to the general board, the madrasa board and technical board examinations start together. Last year, more than 90,000 candidates participated in the Madrasa Board and about one and a half lakh candidates from the Technical Board participated in the exam. So from all the statistics, it appears that the number of candidates is increasing every year. So it is generally said that this time more than the previous year, the candidates will participate in the exam.

Special Instructions

1. 30 minutes before the start of the test, the candidates must take a seat in the exam room.
2. The exam should be taken according to the time specified in the question paper.
3. There will be multiple elections first and then creative/creative (theoretical) tests and there will be no break between the two tests.
4. The candidates will collect their admit card from their respective Head of Institution at least three days before the commencement of the examination.
5. Physical education, health sciences and sports and career education issues will be provided to the concerned centre by the NCTB under the continuous assessment in the case of the candidates for the academic year of 20-21, 20-24, 20-24. The concerned centre will transmit the number obtained in the continuous evaluation along with the practical test number online at the Byrd website.

6. Candidates circle the OMR form of their respective answer sheet by writing their test rail number, registration number, subject code etc. Will fill. The answer sheet cannot be folded under any circumstances.

7. Candidates have to pass individually in creative/creative (theoretical), multiple-choice and practical areas.
8. Each examiner can only take part in the examination of the topics/topics mentioned in the registration paper. Under no circumstances will you be able to participate in the examination on a different subject.
9. Examination of any candidate (creative/creative (theoretical), multiple-choice and practical) will not be conducted in their own school/institution. Seats must be arranged through the transfer of examinations.
10. The examiners will be able to use the general scientific calculator in the exam.
11. No person other than the Secretary of the Center / Examiner can bring and use mobile phones at the test centre.
12. The same attendance sheet should be used for the presence of the candidate in the creative/creative (theoretical), multiple-choice and practical examination.

13. Practical Examination will be held at the Self Center / Venue.
14. Applications can be sent online via SMS for review within 7 (seven) days of the result of the examination.

Some information for HSC Exam 2020

Like all board exams to participate in HSC Exam 2020, all the candidates must arrive at the test centre 30 minutes before the start of the test ie 9:30 am. Because we already know that the HSC exam will be held from 10 am to noon. Therefore, the first time to think of the test admit card, registration card file must be taken in.

The HSC exam usually takes three hours. Thirty minutes of the MCQ test was taken, and the next two hours 30 minutes were taken with the composition test. HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board

HSC Examination 2020 Marks Distribution

In the HSC exam, candidates have to take two types of tests. One is personal and the other is creative. As we all know, the education system changes every year. So even a few years ago, the HSC exam was just as constructive. But for a few years now, HSC exams are being conducted both creatively and ethically.

Each topic has to be passed separately, both ethically and creatively. If someone passes it regularly and fails to do it, then it will be considered a failure. So to pass, we have to pass on both the personal and the creative. But there is usually no English in English. The number 100 in English matters.

HSC Exam Routine 2020 Dhaka Board

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The results of the Dhaka board are better than the other boards. There are some reasons behind the good results of the Dhaka Board. They are good colleges located in the capital. Therefore, the results of the Dhaka Board are better than the results of the other boards. The official website of Dhaka Board is https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/

HSC Routine 2020 Rajshahi Education Board

Rajshahi is the largest division of Bangladesh. Like other boards, the results of this board are relatively good. Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board of Rajshahi was founded in 1971. The official website of the Rajshahi Board is rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd/. HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board

Chittagong Board HSC Routine 2020

Chittagong is generally a seaport area. This section is called the second capital of Bangladesh. The results of the Chittagong board are good. The Institute of Higher Education was established in 1961. The Chittagong Board website is https://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd/.

Barisal Education Board HSC Exam Routine 2020

The Barisal Board is located in the northern part of Bangladesh. Like other board, this board participates in many examinations. Comparatively, the students do well. HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board


Thank you for reading the entire post. Since you are now watching the routine and reading carefully. So don’t waste any time now and start studying very carefully.

Focus on the issues that you are having a little trouble at the end and study that topic school a little better. We pray that your tests will be very good and Inshallah result will be very good. So there is nothing to fear. HSC Routine 2020 PDF Download All Board

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