ICT Book Class 11 PDF Download Free, Price (Mahbubur Rahman)

Are you Class 11 students? If you are 11th class student then we hope this post will help you a lot. Because through this post of ours today we will inform you about various topics

related to Class 11 ICT or Information and Communication Technology book. Also, we will tell here the Class 11 ICT book written by Mahbubur Rahman and the price of this ICT book in Bangladesh

or the price of this book in Bangladesh. Stay with us if you want to know about all these things. There are many students in our country who after passing SSC exam,

many of them are admitted in class 11th and they are preparing for HSC exam. A very important subject or book for students who are in Class 11 is ICT or Information and Communication Technology book.

The need for this book is immense at present. So many read Class 11 ICT book very seriously. Class XI is the higher secondary education level. After studying in class 11th and 12th,

every student appears in the HSC examination and gets the Higher Secondary Certificate. Class 11 ICT book mentions various topics related to modern day information technology.

As a result, by reading this book, current students take a step forward for future generations. We all know that National Curriculum and Textbook Board

books are provided to the students of Class I to X. But after clearing the SSC exam, students are no longer given this book when they join class XI. Then everyone buys any author’s

Download: ICT Book Class 11 PDF

book based on their chosen topics. Similarly, there are Class 11 ICT books or the subject of Information and Communication Technology. That subject has been written in different ways

by different authors. Mahbubur Rahman is among the authors of ICT books. Many people love to read his books. For which we have published Class 11 Mahbubur Rahman ICT book pdf on our website.

You can view that PDF from our website and download it if you want. There are many people who want to get an idea about the price of this book first while buying Class 11 ICT book.

Because many times many people get cheated while buying books in the market. Many people sell books at much higher prices than the book’s fair value. For which we will give you an idea about the price of Class 11 ICT books.

If you want to buy Class 11 ICT books from different authors, you can get books from different authors starting from 350 taka to 500 taka. You can buy any author’s book as you like.

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