Labaid Hospital Doctor List, Serial Number, Appointment

Nowadays, along with the advancement of information technology, the medical system of our country is also improving a lot. A few centuries ago, people used to die in our country due to lack of better treatment.

Also at that time there was no such good and high quality hospital in our country. But with the development of our country, the medical system of the country has also improved a lot.

Now there are many high quality hospitals in our country. In which various types of medical services are being provided through advanced and modern equipment. Labaid Hospital is one of these hospitals.

Here today we will discuss Labaid Hospital Doctor List or Doctors List as well as Labaid Gynecologist Doctor List and Chittagong Labaid Hospital Doctor List here in detail.

Those of you who want to know doctor list or list or names of doctors can see our complete post. Labaid Hospital is one of the best hospitals in our country. Here medical services are provided

through very advanced technology. Also, this hospital has many skilled and experienced doctors who can diagnose patients very well and provide good medical care. For which Labaid Hospital has a lot of demand in our country.

Many people want to know the list of doctors of Labaid Hospital. So we will let you know. Among the doctors of Labaid Hospital is Serazum Monira. He is a gynecologist, infertility specialist

and laparoscopic surgeon. There is Professor Dr. Abdul Jaher, Professor of Cardiology in Clinical and Interventional Cardiologist. Former Doctor Noor Mohammad

He is a Medicine Specialist and Consultant Cardiologist. Dr. Tanzina Khanum Tumpa. He is a Hematologist Junior Consultant. Dr. Zubair Ahmed is an Arthritis and Rheumatoid Specialist,

Allergy and Rheumatology Specialist, Consultant in the treatment of women and children. Apart from these doctors, Labaid Hospital has some other skilled and experienced doctors.

We have published the list of those doctors in other posts on our website. To know more about the hospital visit the link below There are many people who want to take medical care

from Labaid Hospital and they want to take medical care from Gynecologists. For which they want to know the name of Gynecologist doctors of Labaid Hospital.

Labaid Hospital Doctor List

So here we will publish the names of Gynecologist Doctors in Labaid. Gynecologist doctors at Labaid include Prof. Rahima Begum who is a laparoscopic surgeon, gynae and OB specialist.

Prof. Dr. Begum Hosnera is a laparoscopic surgeon, obstetrician and gynecologist, former head and executive director of the department. Dr. Kaniz Fatema is Associate Professor of Obstetrics

and Gynaecology. Special trainer in high risk pregnancy. Labaid Hospital has many branches in different parts of our country. Similarly, there are many branches of Labaid Hospital in Chittagong or Chittagong.

Many people want to know the name of Chittagong Labaid Hospital doctors. So we have published a list of doctors of Chittagong Labaid Hospital in some other posts of our website.

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