(Check) Dialogue between two friends who I met after a long time.

Suppose you suddenly meet a friend in a park or in a place or for some reason. Then you must be excited to talk to him. Want to know about it and talk to it in a normal way.

These words are being presented in front of others through a notebook. Today we will show you through this post how to write a dialogue. There are several rules and topics to keep in mind

when writing a dialogue between two friends. You have to choose the words depending on who you are communicating with and who you are talking to.

There are rules for writing dialogues. Like you must know who you are communicating with. And what are you talking about with a friend? Then you must address him as you or you.

Then your conversation will be like that. The way you actually talk to a friend. Then the real success of the dialogue will be revealed. Today we will tell you through this post

how to write a dialogue between two friends. Or to dialog. He was asked to write dialogues in various competitive examinations and school examinations.

Many do not know how to compose dialogue in Bengali. Today we will discuss all the information through this post. There are only two characters in dialogue writing.

Usually asked to write a conversation between two friends. The context can be added before the dialogue begins. Suppose you have a dialogue.

It must be kept in the notebook or in the head. However, it is important to note that the issues of dialogue and the language of dialogue are not incomprehensible.

The way you talk to ordinary people. That’s the way to talk to a person. You have to keep in mind the subject you are going to talk about.

It is important to keep in mind that the matter does not go the other way. When doing a dialogue with a friend. Then you must keep in mind that such a relationship with a friend.

As if the words are expressed in that way. You can address him with courtesy. The wording of the dialogue should be between 170 and 180.

That is, the dialogue should be limited to lines 14 to 18. However, once you start with courtesy, you can’t rush into the content. You want to talk about that slowly. He will talk about the above issues.

Then end with a courtesy call. You will see that the matter will seem very real to him. Today we have revealed through this post how you can have a conversation with two friends.

The question is, if you suddenly meet two friends, then how do you record the conversation between them? If you take care of the truth. Hopefully, your dialogues will be more fluent and acceptable.

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