Metro Rail Paragraph 2023 (100, 200, 300 Words) Dhaka Metro Rail Short Paragraph

In the current era of information technology, Metrorail is a great success for our Dhaka. Because the current traffic jam situation in Dhaka, Metrorail gives us a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

With Metrol we can now save our time or save ourselves from time. If you want to write an opinion piece about this metrorail then this post is for you. Because today we will publish

a sample paragraph about this metrorail. So read it with full attention without delay. Dhaka Metrorail is a rapid transit system in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

In 2013, the Bangladesh government took up the Metrorail project. At one time arrangements were made for the project planning of the Metrorail. Currently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

inaugurated the Metrorail or MRT Line Fix on 28 December 2022. Through which it will be possible to travel from Diabari of Uttara to Motijheel very easily. MRT Six line from Motijheel has

been extended to Kamalapur. As a result of which we can now easily travel from Uttara Dia Bari to Kamalapur through metro rail. However, the complete line is yet to be launched.

But it will be launched soon. Work on the Metrorail project was inaugurated on 26 June 2016. In the first phase, the line length of Metrorail Six was 20.10 km. The name of the organization implementing

the Metrorail project is Dhaka Mess Transit Company Limited. The Delhi Metrorail Corporation has been named as the consulting firm for the Metrorail project. The current length of Dhaka Metro project is 21.26 km.

The length has been slightly increased due to the extension of the metro rail project from Motijheel to Kamalapur. The number of registrations in Metrorail Six is 17.

The Metrorail project is being financed by JICA and the Bangladesh government. JICA is funding 75 percent of the project and Bangladesh government is funding 25 percent.

33 thousand 471.99 crore taka was estimated for the North project. Maryam Afiza is the first woman driver of Metrorail. Sheikh Hasina is the first passenger of Metrorail. The minimum fare on metro rail is 20 taka

Metro Rail Paragraph

and the maximum fare is 100 taka. The first Metrorail in the world was launched in London in 1863. Bangladesh Bank released commemorative notes of 50 taka denomination on the occasion of Metrorail inauguration.

With the above information, you can write a paragraph or an extension about Metrorail. Through which you can write 300 words very easily. You can write the Metrorail paragraph according to the above rules.

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