Multiplan Center Off Day 2024 (is multiplan center open tomorrow)

One of the most popular shopping malls for computer sales and repairs is Multiplan Center. Which is located in ScienceLab in Dhaka. Now if you want to go to any of your work in multiplan.

Of course you need to know when is the multiplan holiday. Today we will discuss details about Multiplan Center Weekends in this post. You will understand if you read the article

carefully from the beginning to the end. Multiplan shopping malls usually sell all types of electronics products including computers. It is the largest IT shopping mall located at New Elephant Road in Dhaka.

Every day a large number of local and foreign people come to shop at this IT shopping mall. There are many customers who search for multiplan center weekends. They don’t know when

today will be multiplan weekend for them. Multiplan Center is located at Dhaka Science Club and facing Elephant Road. It falls under zone 4 and the shopping malls of zone 4 are closed on Tuesdays.

Popular shopping multiplan located at Dhaka New Elephant Road Center weekend is Tuesday. Multiplan Center is closed for shopping on Tuesdays every week. It is located in Dhaka however.

It is popular in IT fifteen. There are many more benefits. Through this post, I have discussed the detailed information about the holidays of Multiplan Shopping Center in front of you.

Hope you like it. Today’s article will discuss something else in the next post. Through this post today, find out which shopping malls in Dhaka city will be closed. Bashundhara City, Motaleb Plaza,

Eastern Plaza, Sejan Point, New Market, Chandni Chowk, Chandrima Market, Gausia, Dhanmondi Hawkers, Badruddoja Market, Priyangan Shopping Centre, Gausal Azam Market,

Rifles Square, Orchid Point, Capital Market, Dhanmondi Plaza, Metro Shopping Mall, Prince Plaza, Rapa Plaza, Anam Rangs Plaza, Kawan Bazar DIT Market, Orchid Plaza. These markets fall under Region 4.

The shopping malls in the region will be closed for the whole day on Tuesday and half day on Wednesday. Hope friends have understood today’s article. I will discuss some other topic in the next post.

Multiplan Center Off Day

Please stay with me till the end. Many times you come to the internet and want to know about the closing time and opening time of Multiplan Center located at Science Levee

and Elephant Road in Dhaka.  Through this post, I will discuss before you. Multiplan Centers in Dhaka continue their regular activities from 10 am to 8 pm.

This multiplan center is closed for a full day on Tuesday and a half day on Wednesday every week. Hope friends have understood today’s article.

I will discuss the details in front of you through the next post. Before going to the Multiplan Center, you must know that on which days the shopping center is closed.

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