Nagad Helpline Number, Customer Care Address & Head Office

Nagad is a very popular online banking institution. In a very short time, Nagad has gained a lot of recognition. It is possible to send money from one end of the world to the other in a short time through Nagad.

It also takes very little time and money can be sent in a very easy way. There is no adulteration in it. If you send money in cash, the charge is less. They charge 11 takas for every 1000 takas. If you don’t have Nagad apps, they charge 14 takas for every 1000 takas.

No other banking institution has a system for sending money at such a low charge. Mobile recharge can be done through Nagad. It is very easy to use internet by buying an internet package. Today’s post discusses Nagad in detail.

Nagad Helpline Number BD

Nagad is very popular nowadays. There are very few people who do not know about Nagad. Those who are using Nagad for the first time are facing many difficulties. Many things remain unknown.

Nagad solves these problems. Many people do not know what Nagad is, how Nagad sends money, how much money is charged, how to buy internet packages, how to connect with Nagad Bank, how to use Nagad apps better. Stays.

The solution of any problem of the customers can be found through Nagad. When they call the helpline number of Nagad, they hear the problems and try to give the correct solution. Customers can call this number at any time to report problems. In this way, Nagad provides solutions to customers through the helpline.

Nagad Customer Care Location

Nagad is the most reliable online banking system for customers. It is very easy to exchange money through Nagad. If you want to solve any kind of problem, you can also solve it by going to Nagad Customer Care.

দেখুনঃ Nagad Helpline Number, Customer Care Address

Nagad has many customer care centers. There are customer care centers in every district. Nagad Customer Care is located in Tongi, Dhaka District. There are also many Nagad customer care outlets outside Dhaka.

For example, the residents of Bogra district can solve any problem by visiting Nagad Customer Care in Bogra district. Nagad Customer Care is located at Sutrapur in Bogra district. Nagad Customer Care in Rajshahi District is located at Sultanabad.

Nagad Customer Care Address

Today’s post discusses the addresses of Nagad Customer Care in detail. You will benefit from this. Nagad Customer Care, Dhaka: It is located on Mymensingh Highway in Tongi.

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Pabna Nagad Customer Care: It is located at Orin Engineers, Alo Bagh More, Pabna Road, Ishwardi. Nagad Customer Care (Sirajganj): It is located at Tari Enterprise, 2nd Floor, New Market, Bus Stand Road, Sirajganj Sadar.

Nagad Customer Care (Natore): It is located on the first floor of Pritam Trading RP building, Peelkhana Lalbazar Sadar. Nagad has customer care in different districts like this. Customers can easily go there and find a solution to any problem. bd helpline

Nagad has its own website. In this website, everything from Nagad to AZ is known. Many people do not know the address of Nagad’s customer care. Many customers do not know the helpline number.

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Everything is given on Nagad website. How to send money to Nagad, how to save money, how to recharge mobile at home, all these are given in detail on Nagad website. Anyone can visit the website and know the processes and very easily.

Nagad’s website is You will easily be able to know a lot about Nagad through the website. I hope you have benefited from today’s post.

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