National Pay Scale 2015 BD PDF Download

The government has announced the 2015 pay scale. Has done. Gazetted officers and officers-employees of government officials will be paid according to the pay scale. According to this scale, the maximum salary is 7250 taka and the minimum salary is 6000 taka.

The government will also give you two festival Eid bonuses and a 20 per cent New Year’s allowance. The then Finance Minister MA Abdul Muhith through his ministry on December 22, 2015, confirmed the eighth pay scale 2015 to the media.

He added that salaries would be paid to government employees in all areas. This pay scale will be effective for government employees from 11 July 2015.

National Pay Scale 2015 BD

The government has approved the Eighth National Salary Scale Gazette for its government employees and employees. The new pay scale for employees is a maximum of Tk 78,000 and a minimum of Tk 8,250. According to the grade, the salary has been increased from 95 to 101 percent as compared to the previous day.

An officer knowingly passed the BCS exam and joined a government job. He will now get a basic salary of Tk 22,000. With which accommodation, medical, house rent will be added according to the compensation. Before that the basic was 11 thousand taka.

The eighth national pay scale was approved at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Cabinet Secretary Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan said a new pay scale for the armed forces has been recommended. Besides, two Eid bonus Bengali New Year allowance of officers and employees will be given 20% of the basic basis.

national pay scale 2015 pdf download

Today we are discussing the 2015 pay scale. Through this, we will discuss about the salaries of armed officers-employees, BCS cadre, office, peon, primary school teachers. So those of you who are government employees and those who are thinking of joining government jobs.

They can find out about pay scale through our article. Another thing to keep in mind is that in 2015 the government announced the eighth national pay scale. According to the current officers and employees are paid on the national pay scale.

So the minimum salary in 20th grade is Tk 8250 and the maximum salary is Tk 6000 for those in first grade. There will also be two festival bonuses a year and a New Year’s bonus. Basic celery will add 50 to 65% home rent. In addition to this, travel allowance, medical allowance and other benefits will be added.

national pay scale 2015 increment

Today we are going to discuss the national pay scale for all officers and employees of Bangladesh including the Armed Forces. So today’s article is going to be different for you.

Therefore, by reading the article from beginning to end, you will be able to know about the national pay scale of all officers and employees including the Armed Forces of Bangladesh. In 2015, the government of Bangladesh announced the eighth pay scale.

According to him, the minimum salary is 8250 taka. Also, get two festival bonuses and 20% allowance for New Year.

National pay scale 2015 house rent

Friends, as you know today, we will discuss the national pay scale through this article. Among government employees according to the Seventh Salary Scale, the Secretary was among the military officers, Major General and Public University Selection Grade Professor was in the highest grade 1.

Senior professors get celery as grade 2 and senior professors get grade 3. So friends, today we have discussed in front of you about the national pay scale through this article.

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