Online NID Correction Form BD

Today we will tell you how to correct any kind of mistake in your ID card. Different types of information on your NID card can be incorrect. Upazila, police station, these may be wrong. Besides parents, the husband’s name may be wrong.

Or you want to know how to correct the name of the ID card after marriage. Also how to remove husband’s name from ID card in case of divorce. He wants to know the information. This information is stored on the NID card chip. Many of you do not see it.

However, the NID card carries the information. Today we will tell you through this article how to correct and correct your mistakes. What are the procedures for this you need to know?

Online NID Correction Form

Many of you wanted to know how to correct NID card information. How to correct if you mistakenly mention the name of your parents’ husband as dead. For this, you have to submit the required documents. Also if you are unmarried.

But if the ID card mentions you as married. You can correct that. Also if you are divorced. Then how to give your husband’s name from the ID card. He wanted to know the information.

These mistakes are always seen. So the correction is needed. In this article, I will tell you how to connect this information.

online national id card correction form bangladesh

You can apply for correction of various types of information at NID moment. For this, you have to fill the application form in your district, upazila or thana election commission.

You need to apply for an NID card from the official website of the Election Commission. You have to apply to the Upazila Thana District Election Office by attaching the documents of the type of information you want to correct with the application form.

The Election Commission will then correct your national identity card within 15 working days. For your convenience, we have provided all the information through screenshots. I hope you like it.

nid correction form online bd

Sometimes it is necessary to check the National ID card to know whether it is fake or genuine. Suppose you own an organization or are going to do business.

Download: Smart NID Card

Or you, a homeowner, need to keep the National ID card of the tenants or officials there to protect yourself. You may suspect that the ID cards are really fake or fake.

So you can check whether the National ID cards are fake or not with one click. You can verify the ID cards by visiting the official website of your National ID card.

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