Old NID Card Number Download

Many of you wanted to know the various information of NID card .. Today we will present all the information related to your NID through this article. Those of you who have applied for NID but have not yet received the smart card.

They can download and use NID online copy from online for various purposes. In this case you have to adopt some methods. Some tricks to follow. I want to talk about these for you today.

At present, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Election Commission is not able to give smart cards to the people of Bangladesh. For this, the Election Commission has given the opportunity to download an NID copy from their website. So you can download us from here.

Old NID Card Download

The Election Commission has brought the people of Bangladesh under the NID card since about 2009. Since 2016, the Election Commission has been providing smart cards instead of photocopied laminated NID cards. Those who are still using old NID cards.

They can get a new smart card by contacting their Election Commission office. Those who have yet to apply for NID have become voters but have not yet received a smart card. Many have asked us how they can get NID card.

You can download and use the online copy of NID card from the official website of the Election Commission. In this case you will need the number of the voter slip, year of birth, a mobile number.

Old NID Card Download near dhaka

Many of you want to know how to download NID card online. So today we will give you all the information through this article. First you need to access the official website of the Election Commission.

You need to open any browser from your PC or Android phone and access the following https://services.nidw.gov.bd/voter_center website. Then the form number, used on the date of birth in the voter registration form, must be used. Fill in the captcha code after writing.

Then click on the View Voter Information button. Unfortunately, if you have trouble getting NID card. Then you can know all the information through SMS on their official website.

old nid card number

Friends today we will mention with you how to download NID card from your online. Those of you who have not yet received a smart card can download and use it online.

Download: Smart NID Card

You can send a message to the Election Commission for information. If you do not receive the NID card, send a message according to the following procedure and you will be sent the NID number in a return SMS.

Go to your message option and type NID <Space> Form No <Space> dd-mm-yyyy and send to 105.

Example: NID 5645121 12-12-2001

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