Pay Scale 2015 Bank PDF Download

The eighth national pay scale for officers and other employees has been given since July 1, 2015. The cabinet secretary said a new pay scale for the armed forces has been recommended.

Moreover, the new structure has eliminated the selection and year of classification. At the same time, the annual increment will be as a percentage of the basic salary.

In addition, all government officials and employees will receive two Bengali New Year festival bonuses and a basic 20% allowance.  According to the new pay scale of Bangladesh, the maximum basic salary is 6000 taka.

Pay Scale 2015 Bank PDF

Similarly, the Cabinet Secretary, the Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister, will get a basic salary of Tk 8,000 and the Senior Secretary will get a salary according to the eighth pay scale. Today we will discuss salaries in different scales including secondary 2015 bank in this article.

All the officers and employees including the bank are covered under the first gate 1st to 20th grade. In this case, the first grade government officials and employees will get a salary of 78 thousand taka according to the eighth pay scale. Which was 40 thousand taka according to the 8th pay scale.

With this, the minimum salary is 8250 taka for 20th grade. According to the seventh grade, the salary was 4100 taka. Bank officials will also be paid according to the new pay scale. Annual increment at the rate of 5%, will get two festival bonuses. So, friends, I started this article today.

Pay scale 2015 chart

Hello friends, today we are going to discuss the eighth pay scale of 2015. I am going to present them in the form of chaat. You know that government employees are given monthly salary allowance, festival bonus and other benefits according to this pay scale.

In this case, the highest salary is 78 thousand taka and the minimum basic salary is 8150 taka. With this, they get 50 to 60 percent salary, house rent, travel expenses, hospital bills. We have presented all these to you. Then you can read the article to get full information about it.

National Pay Scale 2021 Bangladesh PDF

Friends, today we are referring to the PDF files in the 2021 National Pay Scale through this article. As of 2015, the current officers and employees are getting salaries and other benefits.

Will receive other benefits and increments at the rate of 5% of the annual basic salary. Therefore, I have mentioned to you some information about the current salary of the officers and employees as per 2021.

I am presenting them to you in PDF format. If you read the article from beginning to end, you will be able to know completely about the National Pay Scale.

salary scale 2015 PDF

As of 2015, the current officers and employees are getting their salaries. The eighth pay scale is effective from July 1, 2015. The minimum salary is Tk 8250 and the maximum salary is Tk 78 thousand. Getting other benefits at a rate of 50 to 60 percent.

Teachers of Dhaka University, Vice-Chancellor Professor are paid according to grade-3. It turns out that the Great in 2015 was the seventh. According to this pay scale, the salary was 100 times higher than the eighth pay scale. In other words, according to the seventh pay scale, their salary has been increased from 100 to 101%.

So friends, today we have informed you about the eighth pay scale through this article. But the government has not yet decided on the ninth pay scale. We will actually inform any such decision later.

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