(দেখা যাচ্ছে) A dialogue between two friends about preparation for the examination.

A new subject has been included in the curriculum for study. This is called dialogue. A sample of how we talk to people face to face is in our school and college.

So many people do not know how to write dialogue. Besides, many do not know how to have a dialogue between two friends about exam preparation. And how the conversation can be.

It is often seen that you do not know what the language of the dialogue will be like. If you want to talk to a friend or have a dialogue. Of course, you can call him you or you.

But in the case of dialogue, it is best to address as you say. For your convenience, today we will present to you today some of the rules of writing dialogues and some information of some dialogues.

You must read this article carefully from the beginning. There are only two characters in the fictional dialogue. Usually, a conversation is written between two friends.

The context can be added before the dialogue begins. There is nothing wrong with not doing it again. The context is the beginning of the dialogue.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. One has to give the dialogue a title. The title of the question should be named as unchanged as possible.

In the dialogue, the names of two fictional speakers have to be mentioned. You have given examples of composing your own dialogue. From there you can take a good look at the matter.

You were asked in the question to watch a dialogue about two friends preparing for your exam. Of course, you need to know what language is in the dialog.

The language of dialogue is the language that people speak. Dialogue cannot be written in the artificial, flamboyant language. When you compose a dialogue with simple words,

it becomes natural and beautiful. The test score is higher. However, when writing dialogue, you have to make sure that the language of the dialogue is not complicated.

The way we talk to a common man, the words of two people come up through dialogue. That should be taken care of. Dialogue number five will have a total of 150 to 170 words.

At least 10 to 15 speeches will be written by two speakers. That means at least 6 to 7 statements should be composed in the speaker’s statement.

The dialogue is about starting a conversation about courtesy. After a courtesy call, an environment should be created in such a way that the main topic of the dialogue can be discussed in a relevant way.

Suddenly nothing else can be written irrelevantly. Although there is a difference of opinion between the two speakers at the beginning of the dialogue,

it is necessary to agree at the end. Otherwise, the dialogue cannot end naturally in a short time. The dialogue must end with a positive attitude. If you are asked how to write dialogue.

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