Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

Due to the coronavirus, the classes are being started from Sunday through the Sangsad Television Channel (Sangsad Bangladesh Television). The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (Moshi)

also announced the class schedule from tomorrow to April 2. According to the schedule of the first week, there will be sixth to ninth grade classes. There will be a total of eight classes

from nine in the morning to 12 noon. Then it will be reprinted from two in the afternoon to five in the afternoon. Each class will be 20 minutes.

Sangsad TV Live Class 6-10 Online Class Routine PDF Download

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Sangsad TV Live Today

Moshi officials said the class was named ‘my house in my school’. As per the decision, the teaching teachers will give homework on the subject taught at the end of the class. For each subject, students will complete homework on a separate date.

After opening the school, the concerned class will submit to the teachers. The number for this homework will be considered as part of continuous evaluation.

Mushi director (college and administration) Shahidul told Khabar in the first light that a continuous evaluation would be added to the annual test results. And now the schedule of sixth to ninth grade has been announced, but preparations are also underway for taking the tenth grade.

Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

Earlier, after the closure of the education program from March 8 due to coronavirus, Moushi decided to promote the recording classes of the best teachers through Sangsad TV. For this, the class was recording last week. Due to the coronavirus, all the educational institutions and coaching centres from pre-primary to higher education were initially closed till March 7 but were later extended to 1 April.

Sangsad TV Live Class 6-10 Online Class Routine PDF Download

Students are instructed to stay home during this time of closure. As a result, about 4 million students are in a lot of housing conditions. Of these, the primary level students are like two crores.

And the middle student is over one crore. On the one hand, the education system is closed, and on the other hand, coaching is being stopped. The closure may extend further if the situation deteriorates, sources in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and Education said.

Online BTV Live

Sangsad TV is the official TV channel of Bangladesh that will start live classes from March 29, 2020. The publicity of Sangsad TV online will be held in today’s

class of sixth to tenth grade. That’s why this class’s routine has been published. You can check out each class’s routine from there. In my opinion, every student should watch Sangsad TV online classes.

Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

Because everyone is seeing the situation in the country now. So, in my opinion, you can try online classes without wasting time at home, maybe there will be many benefits.

Sangsad TV Live

Sangsad television is one of the most popular TV channels in Bangladesh. It began operations in 2014. The Government activities of Bangladesh have been highlighted. Moreover, as we all know, the information on this channel is 100% curated.

The whole world is now on the verge of a virus. So at this time, the Ministry of Education has arranged online classes for the students. This step, I would say, is a very good move. Because the educational institutions are all closed.

Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

Therefore, every student will be able to study regularly at home from online classes. I would like to say that this decision is very important for the students.

If you want to watch Sangsad TV channel live, this post is for you. Please read our post very carefully so you can easily know how every class can be viewed or viewed in the Sangsad channel directly online.

 Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online

As you may already know, the Ministry of Education has arranged buses online through Sangsad TV channels. Everybody knows the reason for the classes that have started online through the TV channels of Sangsad.

Coronavirus is pandemic throughout the world. Therefore, the education ministry of Bangladesh has closed all educational institutions.

Sangsad TV Live Today Watch Online Now

So I want to say that online morning classes that are being aired on Parliament TV are very important for every student. Because we are uncertain when the educational institutions will open. Because we are constantly seeing the coronavirus.

Sangsad TV Live Class 6-10 Online Class Routine PDF Download

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