SCB Gulshan Branch Routing Number, Swift Code, Address

scb routing number 215261726

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the private banks in Bangladesh. Now those of you who complete transactions through this bank will know that a number is required to send money

from one bank to another branch. This is called routing number. Routing number is basically 9 digits. The first three numbers are the district code, the next three numbers are the bank code

and the remaining numbers are the check code. Those of you who wanted to know about the routing number of Standard Chartered Bank. Visit our website. Through the website,

I will discuss detailed information about the routing numbers of all branches of Standard Chartered Bank. Hope you like it. So guys let’s start the discussion.

Those of you who want to know about the routing number of Standard Chartered Bank. Today’s article is mainly for them. Through the article, I have given you the routing number

of Standard Chartered Bank Gulshan Zone i.e. Gulshan branch. 215261900 This is Gulshan branch routing number. The first three visits you see i.e. 215 is the bank code of the Gulshan branch.

Hope friends have understood that if there is any more information about the routing number of Amni Standard Chartered Bank. Find out from our website.

Those of you who want to know about the different routing numbers of Standard Chartered Bank. This is our post for them. Today we will discuss the routing system number of chartered banks

in all areas of Bangladesh including Chittagong in Bogra through this post. This is Bogra Branch Routing Number 215261900. 215152143 This is Chittagong main branch routing number.

215261247 This is Nasirabad Branch Routing Number of Chittagong This is your Standard Chartered Bank Routing Number of Dhanmondi in Dhaka Hope you understand.

215262538 This is Kawran Bazar Branch Routing Number. In today’s article, I will discuss about other branch routing numbers. Do you want to know about Standard Chartered Bank

SCB Gulshan Branch Routing Number

Banani Branch Routing Number? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. Through this post, I will discuss before you about Standard Chartered Bank Banani Branch Routing Number.

First, you need to know what is the routing number. Routing number is the identification number of a bank. So I discussed the routing number of Standard Chartered Bank before you.

215913674 This is Sylhet branch routing number. 215671187 is the routing number of Standard Chartered Bank of Narayanganj. Hope friends have understood today’s article

and if you want to know any information. You can find us here. I will discuss the routing number of other branches. If you want to get PDF file, know us from here and download it.

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