(দেখুন) Write a dialogue between a customer and a salesman in a shoe shop.

In our today’s post, you will learn how to write a dialogue. There are some specific rules for writing a dialogue. Today’s post discusses the rules for writing a dialogue.

Dialogue is a topic familiar to every student. In most of the exams, you are allowed to write dialogues on various topics. Especially in English, dialogues are compulsory to answer.

In our article, we are constantly discussing the subject matter. Today’s post is no exception. In today’s article we have discussed many important issues related to writing dialogue.

Most experiments show dialogue between two friends or between student and teacher or between shopkeeper and customer on various topics.

If the test allows you to write a dialogue between the customer and the shopkeeper about buying shoes, then you must know the rules of writing a dialogue in order to write this dialogue well.

The more you plan to study, the more success you will have. If you can write the dialogue as planned, you will get more numbers in the dialogue.

There is no success without a plan. Suppose there is a shopkeeper in front of you. You have come to the shop to buy shoes. Just write the dialogue the way you talked to the shopkeeper at that time.

If you can write dialogues by following the rules of writing dialogues, you will get higher number if you write dialogues on any topic.

Many are afraid to write English dialogues. Because many do not know how to present English dialogue to the reader. In today’s article we have discussed all these issues.

When writing dialogues you must keep in mind the language of dialogue so that it is easy and fluent. Because the more simple language you use,

the easier it will be for the reader to read the dialogue. Common words must be used in the dialogue. Remember that the more interested the reader is in reading the dialogue,

the more likely you are to get a good score. Many people memorize dialogues and write them in exams. There is a possibility of forgetting.

If you can master the rules of dialogue writing, you can write dialogue on any subject. Before writing the dialogue you must see how many numbers have been allocated for the test dialogue.

Based on this, the answer of the dialogue has to be written. If the dialog is numbered 5, then the dialogue must end in 170 words. Each sentence of the dialogue should

end in one to two lines. The dialogue should be completed in 10 to 12 sentences in total. You must take care that the reader does not have any

difficulty in reading the dialogue. If you want to be good at dialogue, you have to practice writing dialogue every day. One time you can write dialogues

on any topic without memorizing. Many of you are looking for the dialogue between shoppers and customers about buying shoes. If you want you can collect the dialog from our article.

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