(ডাউনলোড করুন) A short conversation between two friends. (Published) Here

Asked to write fictional dialogue in various job tests. How to write a dialogue to get a good number is discussed here. The old questions can be looked at in the beginning.

If you look at the old questions, you can get some idea about a dialogue. First, you have to create a title according to the question. You can mark the title below.

Regionalism must be avoided in dialogue. However, when writing dialogues about the character of the poor farmer, rickshaw puller, etc., keep a little regionalism in the verbs and a word or two.

There is no end to the dialogue. It has to be written from the beginning in terms of the beginning. It is not a matter of exchanging greetings.

In order to finish again, you have to look at the time and work. When the time is up, write like this: One or two dialogues will be a little longer, where there will be some information.

Sometimes the character speaks in his mind. Such a dialogue is called soliloquy. When composing a dialogue, one has to give a soliloquy. The question is usually between

whom the dialogue will take place. Doctor-patient, rickshaw puller, police bank officer, among the senior leaders. You must follow these characters to create dialogue and address it.

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If the question is not mentioned, it is better not to give the name of the character. For example Rahim, Karim, it is better to write friend-1, and friend-2 without writing.

After the character, you have to mark the colon before the dialogue. The colon marks of each dialogue will be along with one. Particular attention should be paid to the timing.

The number of dialogues can be 15 to 20. For your convenience, we have presented a dialogue of a short conversation between two friends through this post.

I hope you like the post. Thanks for reading this article carefully from beginning to end. For your convenience, we have detailed discussions on other topics

and dialogues in other posts. I hope you like it. In writing this you have to follow more in terms of character. Because according to this character you would call him you or you.

It reveals whether there is respect or friendship in the words. So take good care of the characters. If you can write according to the character, you can actually get good marks in the exam.

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