(দেখুন) A dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking.

That day I saw that a class 7 exam came up with dialogue. The topic is a discussion between two friends about the harmful effects of smoking. Now how do you present the subject to the reader?

Maybe that’s what you’re thinking. Today we are going to tell you through this post how you can have a conversation between two friends about the harmful effects of smoking.

Suppose your friend is standing in front of you. How do you talk to your friend in front of you now? Be sure to speak in normal and fluent language. Do not use any kind of saintly language

or irrelevant language. In the same way, when you write in a notebook, you will write dialogues using your fluent and beautiful language.

Don’t use irrelevant language or complex language. So that the reader has difficulty in understanding. Usually, try to write one such sentence in one to two lines.

It will not be a problem for the reader to understand. Today we have presented to you important information through this post. Today we will let you know through this post.

How do you write a dialogue and get good marks through dialogue? Also, you can get from our website how to write several dialogs through one dialog. You will know that.

Only through some changes can there be a student-teacher conversation, a conversation between two friends, a conversation between father and son,

a conversation between daughter and mother. In this case, you will have a dialogue with whom. Address her according to her age and relationship. If you are a friend, address him

or her as a parent or guardian. This will maintain the sweetness of your dialogue. Then through this post, I have given you all the information. If you want to get any more information,

you must visit the website. There is no substitute for practice if you want to do well in dialogue. If you practice regular dialogue writing. Then you can get good results in competitive exams.

Different recent issues need to be raised. Keep an eye on regular papers (especially, minutes of roundtable meetings), watch talk shows, and practice writing in simple language as you like from the guide book.

As soon as you read this part in English, you can prepare for the big questions of Bangladesh and international affairs. Prepare on any of the 3 patterns with ideas about

which patterns come up in the previous year’s question. Read the suggestions from the internet, guide books, and reference books.

Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence. Quote, a lot. So, friends, we are trying to present all the information to you.

If you want to get more information. Please let us know in the comments on our website. I will try to provide all the information accordingly.

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