Sonar Dam Koto 2024 Today Bangladesh

Many of you want to know about today’s Sonar Dam online. Today we will let you know through this article today’s Sonar Dam Koto. If you read this article from beginning to end, you will know about today’s different carat Sonar Dam.

Let’s get started then. You know that Sonar Dam has risen again in the country market in the space of two weeks. In this phase, the dam has increased by 2 thousand 41 taka. In this phase, the 22 carat Sonar Dam has increased by Tk 73,460. This new dam has been in effect since last Sunday.

The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has decided to increase the Sonar Dam through a press release on Saturday evening. Sonar Dam has increased by Tk 2333 in the latest market. From then on, after the dam comes into effect, you will have to buy 22 carat 1 weight Sonar ornaments for 73 thousand 453 taka.

Sonar Dam Koto 2024

Those of you who need to know Sonar Dam. They can find out about today’s Sonar Dam on this website. We have arranged this article today with 22 carat 24 carat 18 carat variety Sonar Dam.

If you want, you can read this article from beginning to end to know about Sonar Dam. One has to buy a lot of gold ornaments, the price increases by 73 thousand 430 taka.

Till yesterday, 22 carat gold was Tk 71,442 per gram. Since the increase of the dam, the 22, 18 carat and traditional method Sonar Dam has been increased by Tk.

sonar dam koto 2024 Bangladesh

You know it is a very valuable ornament at present. Many Sonar gives each other various ornaments as gifts to each other on their birthdays. Many people want to know about Sonar Dam online or Google today. Today we have arranged this article for them.

Through this, today we will discuss the issues related to Sonar Dam in May 2024. Please read our article carefully from beginning to end. As you know, on May 10, the Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) announced in a press release that they are going to increase their Sonar Dam.

Until the price hike, 22 carat gold is Tk 71,442 per gram. 21 carat gold was 293 taka, and 18 carat gold was 59 thousand 545 taka. From May 10, the traditional Sonar weight of all carats has increased by Tk 2,041.

today sonar dam koto

Today we will discuss about today’s Sonar Dam through our website. As you know, Bangladesh Jewelers Association has set a new price for Sonar on May 10, 2024.

The decision to extend the dam was taken later in the evening through a press release.

In the last market of this country, the filling of Sonar Dam has increased by 2333 taka.

22k sonar dam koto Bangladesh

Today we will talk about the 22 carat Sonar Dam. The new dam has been in operation since May 10 due to the increase in the dam in the world market. Due to the increase in the dam in the world market, if you want to buy a lot of gold, you have to buy it with 2041 taka more than the fixed amount.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Sonar Dam has increased by Tk 4374 per gram in two weeks. Sonar Dam was Tk 71,442 per 22 carats till the price hike.

24k Sonar Dam Koto 2024

As you know, since May 10, 2024, Bangladesh Jewellery Association Bajus has announced in a press release that Sonar Dam Koto is increasing. In this case, if you want to buy 24 carat gold, you have to pay an extra 2041 taka.

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