(দেখুন) SSC Board Challenge 2023 Process [এসএসসি বোর্ড চ্যালেঞ্জ করার সঠিক নিয়ম]

Let me tell you that the result of SSC exam board challenge is between 25 to 30. However, according to that information, the SSC board challenge results are to be given towards the end of this month.

However, we have learned through the daily newspaper that the SSC Board Challenge 2023 will be held on June 30, 2023. So you stay on our website to see your results.

Then you can easily see your result from here. Many have done well and many have failed to get the desired results. If you are sceptical of the results of a topic, there is a way to review the results or challenge the board.

SSC Board Challenge 2023

You can challenge the board on the results if you want. Bangladesh Education Board publishes student and student results of various classes every month of the year.

After the release of the results of the various examinations, the students/students need to review the book. But many do not know how to easily review/challenge an account.

One of the simplest things to review or challenge the account is that you just have to have a Teletalk SIM that is given to students every day for free.

SSC Result Re-Scrutiny Notice 2023

If you have a Teletalk SIM, you can easily pay the fees through your Teletalk SIM message in various government functions like college admission, job application, etc., without checking the account itself.

Account re-evaluation is usually done through mobile messaging. There is nothing else the board will do that you have to accept. To apply for the re-evaluation,

go to the message option of mobile and type RSC then the first three letters of your board name with space, then your roll number with space then enter the subject code and send it to 16222.

how to Board Challenge System of ssc result

Example: RSC RAJ 1011101 101 Send 16222. In this case, a fee of Tk 125 will be applicable for each issue and the message service charge will be charged at Tk 2.37.

Check: SSC Board Challenge 2023 System

In return, SMS will be given a PIN code message stating how much money will be deducted as application fee. If you agree, you should do the second message in the rule below.

SSC Result Board Challenge 2020 । Re-Scrutiny Application Process

Then go to the message option of mobile and type RSC then YES with space and then pin number with space then send your mobile number with space and send it to 16222. Example: RSC YES 123456 0181000000 Send 16222

SSC Re-Scrutiny Application Process 2023

Then you save the return massage. If you think you can apply for multiple subjects in the same SMS then you can apply. In this case, the subject code should be written one by one with commas.

SSC Result Board Challenge Apply Start Date: 1st June 2023 and SSC Board Challenge Apply Last Date: 7th June 2023.

First Message – Example: RSC RAJ 1011101 101,107,103 SEND 16222. Second Message – Example: RSC YES 123456 0181000000 SEND 16222

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