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SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2021

SSC English 1st Paper Question 2020 Solution has been collected by So this post is about SSC English 1st Paper Question 2020.


SSC English 1st Paper Question 2021 Solution

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SSC English 1st Paper Question 2021

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SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2020


SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2020


SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2020


SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2020


SSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2020


Answer to the Question No- 01 
a) All the above
b) 1979
c) love and kindness
d) The dying destitute
f) Nirmal hridoy
Answer to The Question No: 03 
a) martyrs
b) flowers
c) respect
d) give
e) dead
Answer to The Question No: 04
a) Wapakoneta, Ohio

b) University of California

c) Received MSc degree


d) 20 July 1969

e) 31 July 1960

Answer to the Question No: 6

a) a+ii+i

b) b+v+iv

c) c+i+ii

d) d+iv+vi

e) e+iii+iii

SSC English1st Paper Question Solution 2021 All Board

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Here is your SSC English 1st Paper Question 2021

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SSC Exam 2021 All Board

English (Compulsory)                  Full Marks: 100


Read the passage then, Answers the question No. 1 and 2

  1. Choose the correct answer form the following alternatives: 

a) the tourist have a great…… For visiting the Maldives.
(¡¡) attraction
b) the following words best describe the weather of the Maldives?
(¡¡) enjoyable) the Maldives is well recognised around the world for its……..
(¡¡¡) lowest island
d) during the tsunami 2004, many parts of the country were……
(¡) submerged
e) the world idyllic in the face idyllic natural beauty means…….
(¡¡¡) very peaceful
f) global warming is a …… To the Maldives.
(¡) threat
g) his face with the threat of …..
(¡¡¡) disappearing from the map

2. Answer the following questions:


3. Read the following text and fill in each gap with a suitable word based o the information of the text:

Read the passage on gustative Eiffel and his tower and answers question No. 4 and 5

4. Complete the table below with the information from the above passage:


5. Write a summary of the above passage in your own words.

6. Match the parts of the sentences in Cullum A, B and C to write five complete sentences:

* Donation of Blood is universally acknowledged to be a very noble deed.

* In our society, some of us nourish a misconception about blood donation which conveys a negative message for the others.

* As per medical science every man in sound health can donate blood after every 3 months without any side effect.


* We should have a crystal clear idea that if we donate blood, we invite no harm to us.

* Sometimes, a bag of our blood is enough to save the life of a dying person.

7. Answer the following questions to write passages on Deformation. You should write in about


8. Read the beginning of a story. Add at least ten new sentences to complete the story. Give a suitable

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