SSC GPA Calculator without 4th Subject 2024 Bangladesh

As you know, SSC candidates are selected according to GPA five. Now if you want to know about the method to calculate CGPA. Then today’s article is going to be very important for you.

I will teach hand-column in front of you. Today I am going to talk about GPA and CGPA checking methods. Those with good CGPA keep themselves one step ahead in the competitive job market.

A career decision should be made at the beginning of university admission. Because no matter how good your skills are. Recruiters first look at your CGPA and GPA.

So every student should have detailed knowledge about GPA and CGPA. There are subtle differences between GPA and CGP. GPA stands for Grade Point Average and refers to the average

value of grade points obtained through it. RC GPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average. That is, it refers to the average value of the results of several semesters or years.

Let’s take the results of government universities as an example. If your honors course is four years. So there are two semesters in each year making a total of eight semesters.

But the first semester result in first year is CGPA. But when the results of the two semesters are published together. Then published in the form of CGPA.

All universities have credit system in subjects. If it varies by university and department. Universities distribute credits according to their own way. In our country’s public

exams like JSC, SSC, HSC all solution exams are published in the form of Grade Point Average or GTA. In this case, the highest GPA has been determined as a pass, which is called GPA five,

or the result publication point or scale is considered as 5. Now you may be wondering how to check your CGPA. Points earned in any subject to calculate GPA. Multiply by that subject.

SSC GPA Calculator without 4th Subject

By doing this, the points earned for that course or subject will come out. To calculate the GPA, the points earned in each course or subject must be calculated first.

In this way, you can check your CGPA if you want. But many people want to know the method of calculating grade points or the method of calculating CGPA.

I would like to know the method of calculating GPA as a very simple method of calculating grade points. The grade points you receive must be multiplied by the course credits.

If the course or credit is 4. But multiply by 20. Credit must be counted against the points earned in each course or subject separately. Suppose your total number of subjects is five.

How to find out the GPA of the course and write it in the notebook. Now add the number of credits for each course and divide by points. Through this article today, I will tell you how to check CGPA for SSC and SSC candidates.

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