SSC Result 2020 Publish Date । All Education Board Result 2020

When will SSC result 2020? This question has emerged in the mind of everyone today. Note that this year SSC Examination 2020 has been completed last March and the SSC exam has been started on the 3rd of February and the examination has been completed in the middle of March. Generally, SSC Result 2020 is published every year within two months of the completion of the exam.

When will SSC result 20? So this year, the result will be within two months. Note that the result was published on May 6th last year. The SSC result will be published in the first week of May 06.

When will the SSC Exam Result 2020: Secondary School Certificate Examination SSC and equivalent exam 2020 have been started from 3rd February. The test will run till March 5. Keep an eye on our page to know SSC Result 2020.
Although Mate has to give three berth exams in school life, the last and most important exam is SSC. The Secondary School Certificate is the completion of SSC. This exam ends with the passing of school life. So this test involves extensive preparation. At the end of the exam, the results and expectations of students and parents are waiting for the results. Everyone is eager to know the result.

When will SSC result 2020?

After the completion of the test, waiting for the results. Along with the students, their parents and teachers are eagerly waiting for the results. The results are kept for possible date updates. Usually, results are given within 2-5 months of the end of the exam. If you look at the trends of the last few years, the results are appearing in the second week of May. The results of the 25th were given on May 7, May 7 in 25, May 25 in May, May 25 on May 25, May 5 in May 27 and May 5 on May 25. It can be said that this time, the result will be published. Keep an eye on this page for any updates regarding the results.

SSC Result 2020

This year’s SSC exam is expected to be held on February 3rd, but it has been postponed after reading the election date for the Mayor of Dhaka City. According to the routine, the time of the exam is from 9 am to 5 pm. Students have to enter the examination centre by 9: 30 am.
This year, Mate 2 lakh 5 thousand 5 hundred students are taking the SSC exam, out of which 1,289 students and 1,220,3 students. Of these, there are 1,022 SSC candidates, 2,021 admitted applicants and 1,925 prospective candidates. This year 12 students from outside the country are taking the test.

At a Glance SSC exam 2020

  • Mate students – 2047779
  •  SSC Candidate – 1635240
  • Meat centre – 3512
  • Mate Institute – 28884
  • Mate Board – 9
  • Written Examination – 3rd February
  • Examination ends – 5th March

How to Know the Results of SC Exam 2020

Education Bard’s own website has the same results all over the country, but many have difficulty getting results. Many people expect to know the results of crowdfunding in photocopy shops as there is no online facility in person. Below are the possible ways to view the results so that you can use these methods to get SSC Result 2020 in Phayajan.

  •  Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Baird’s Website
  •  Via SMS
  •  Be from your own educational institution
  • The medium of Android App

How to Know the Result of SSC Examination from the Education Board’s website

Since the results of education are published on the website of Education Bard, students of different Bards will find their results easily by visiting the following website.

SSC Vocational Result 2019

If you enter any of the above SSC Exam results, such a page will come up.

How to Know the Results of SSC Examination via SMS on Mobile

After publishing the result online, it is not possible to see the result for many reasons. In that case, you can easily get the desired result from any mobile with only one SMS.

In this way, you can only know the grade point of your result, even though you can get results from SMS in less time and easily online. Can’t find the grade of every subject like online.

But in this case –

  • The result of this method can be obtained by SMS from any operator.
  • One result will be available on every SMS. Separate SMS will be sent for multiple results.
  • Charges per SMS are Tk 2.5.
  • Sometimes the network may result in delays a bit.
  • Sometimes the network may result in delays.

Follow the steps below to get SSC Result via SMS.

In the message option of the mobile type SSC

Then type in the space followed by the first three letters of your bard name in the English capital letter.

For the General Board

In the message option, SSC will have to enter the first three letters of the name of the beard with space and write the space number with the rail number and send the test year (ie 2020) to 16222. Returns will be reported in SMS.
The first three digits of Bard’s name are COM (Comilla), DHA (Dhaka Bard), RAJ (Rajshahi), JES (Jasher), CHI (Chittagong), BAR (Barisal), SYL (Sylhet) and DIN (Dinajpur).

For Example

SSC DHA 123456 2020 and Send to 16222

For Madras Baird (Submission Test)

SSC Syllabus Madras Baird (To know the result of the submission of the test, go to the message option, Dakhil with space and MAD with space.

For Example
Dakhil MAD 123456 2020 and send to 16222

For the Technical Board

For technical berth, SSC will have to be written in space with TEC and space will be given by rail number and space should be written to test year (ie 202) and sent to 16222. Returns will be sent in SMS.

For Example
SSC TEC 454511 2020 and send to 16222

  • For Example
  • DHA for Dhaka Board
  • CHI for Chittagong Board
  • COM for Comilla Board
  • RAJ for Rajshahi Board
  • JES for Jessa Board
  •  BAR for Barisal Board
  •  SYL for Sylhet Board
  •  DIN for Dinajpur Board
  •  MYM for Mymensingh Board
  •  Mad for Madrassa Board
  •  TEC for technical Board

Then enter your rail number accurately with space, and enter your test year, namely 2020, with space again.
Then send the number to 16222. You will get your result in the return message.

For Example

If a student of Dhaka Bard Roll 1234 will have to send an SMS this way

SSC DHA 1234 2020 send to 16222


When discussing the SSC Result 2020, it was discussed, hopefully, you will be able to see the SSC result very easily by reading our article and the rules for viewing online, mobile message or SMS are mentioned. Will help in the case.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will SSC result 2020?

Today we will talk about when SSC Result will be given in this post. If you read the entire post, you will know when to give SSC Result 2020.

When will SSC Result 2020 be published? When will SSC result 2020?

Friends This year’s SSC Examination started on February 3, Thursday, February 26, but practical exams in all the subjects started on 28/2/2012 and ended on 1/3/220.

When will SSC Result 2020 | The exact time to publish the SSC result

So let’s not know when we can give SSC result.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will SSC result 2020?

SSC Result If we look at the other year, we can see that the SSC result is given within 7 days of the end of the other year. If we flow that calculation then our SSC result will be available in early May 2021. That’s 5% sure.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will SSC result 2020?

According to our calculations may be on the 1st of Maybe or a little earlier, but on the first of May, SSC will give us the results. The exact date of the education board has not been determined. We will publish it on our web site when.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will SSC result 2020?

After the release of the SSC Result, you will be able to view the SMS and online on mobile at 2 pm.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will you submit the result?

We have already given the rules for watching the SSC results on our web site. You can visit the web site if you want.

When will SSC result 2020 | When will I submit SSC Result 2021?

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