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Dear Students, Welcome to today’s article. Through this I will try to inform you about the result of SSC examination scholarship of 2021. Scholarships will be given to 26,850 students this year.

Scholarship examination dates are published on different dates in each board. Generally, the boards publish the results in August-September. Therefore, the results of 2022 SSC scholarship will be released on 15th February.

Dates will vary depending on the board. However, if the boards provide any specific information about the scholarship results, we will update them here.

SSC Scholarship Result 2022 Dhaka Board

Today I will tell you how many students in Dhaka Board will get scholarship in Talent Pool and will get general scholarship. Under the Dhaka Board, 7774 students will get general scholarships and 1217 talent pool scholarships.

A total of 8991 students will be eligible for Talent Pool and Scholarship under Dhaka Board. The government will provide scholarships to 25,000 students on the basis of SSC results.

Out of these, 3000 students will be given merit scholarships and 22,500 students will be given general scholarships. The Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has started

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a board-based quota on merit and general intelligence for the 2021 SSC examinations. The education boards have been given the opportunity to select the students for the scholarship by February 15 and publish the scholarship gazette.

Check: SSC Scholarship Result 2022

Under the Dhaka Board, 906 students will be given merit scholarships and 5698 students will be given general scholarships. It is learned that the students who get merit scholarship

will be given 600 taka monthly and 900 taka once in a year. The general scholarship will be given 350 taka per month and 450 taka in 1 year. The Ministry of Education further said

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that merit scholarships will be given to the regular students who have passed the GPA 5 examination. General scholarships will be given to two male and two female students in each upazila under the board.

SSC Scholarship Result 2022 All Board

In each metropolitan area, one student will be given a general scholarship according to the area. SSC scholarships will be given in two categories (merit and general scholarship).

Students will receive six hundred annually for merit and three hundred for general department. SSC Scholarships are two categories that scholars will get. So friends, I have informed you through this article.

ssc scholarship 2022 Check process

If you want to know any more information, please let us know in the comments section of our website. We will try to present all your information. You must be wondering about the results of 2021 SSC Scholarship Examination. I will present all your information in the continuation of this.

Meritorious students who will get scholarship in SSC examination. Their monthly is 800 taka and 900 taka per annum for merit based scholarship and 350 taka per month for general scholarship and 450 taka per annum.

On the other hand, the meritorious students of the entrance examination will be given 600 taka per month for merit based scholarship and 1050 taka per annum and 300 taka per month for general scholarship and 800 taka per annum.

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