How to Stop Hair Fall And Reduce Hair Loss – Tips To Control With Natural Home

Nusrat (pseudonym) has been falling for many days. Hair loss is now a major cause of headaches. Before, she could make long beautiful braids. Recently, the hair has been cut short. Even then, reading is not stopping.

Hair falls on everyone. Maybe less, some more. It is normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. But more than that, it becomes a cause for concern. Think more about hair fall, but more hair fall. To avoid this hair loss problem, you must first know what causes hair loss. If you find out the reason, then you have to solve the problem. Then the hair loss will stop automatically. But not only that, but regular care is also needed to stop the hair fall and keep the hair strong.

Asked about this, Rahima Sultana, a cosmetologist who owns Harmony Spar, said, We don’t practice most of the time. Regularly any good habit brings good into the body. The first condition to prevent or take care of hair loss is to take care of both inside and outside the body. You must make it a habit to eat milk, eggs and bananas for breakfast. These three foods are very useful for hair. In particular, you need to develop the habit of eating these three types of food in the morning.

Rahima Sultana also said that the problem of hair fall is very much seen during this monsoon season. Humidity is high at this time. The palate of the head stays wet. So more care is needed at this time. Before bathing, rub the oil on the head and wash it with shampoo. In addition, not eating a balanced diet and hormonal imbalance is created, but the hair falls. In the case of hormonal imbalance, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Following are some ways to prevent hair loss when talking to morphologists:

Must give oil to hair

Must give oil to stop hair fall or to take care of hair. And the best, in this case, is coconut oil. Coconut oil makes hair smooth and healthy. It has anti-bacterial properties, which protects the hair from the attack of any bacteria or fungus. Therefore, one day a week, you need to oil the hair or massage the hair before shampoo.

Rosemary Lavender Oil Uses

This is one of the most effective ingredients in hair care. It contains oil to prevent hair fall; Which helps prevent hair fall. It also helps to grow new hair. It contains mango, coconut, olive, jojoba, castor ingredients to help stop hair loss.

Withdrawal of Chemical Shampoo: Say ‘No’ to chemical shampoo for hair care. Beetroot extract, tamarind seeds in the shampoo, keep an eye out. These ingredients effectively cleanse the scalp without damaging the hair. Do not use shampoo on dry hair directly. Shampoo with oil should be used.

Must use conditioner

Using conditioner not only makes hair brighter; It strengthens the root of the hair and smooths the hair. However, the condition of the hair must be considered to understand the condition. Beetroot extract, Aqua, Pro-Vitamin B-5 rich conditioners can be used.

Use of mild lukewarm water

Many people think that clean hair with hot water is good. This is a completely wrong idea. Hot water causes severe damage to the scalp, causing hair to fall out and weakening the hair. So it is most useful to use light lukewarm water to wash the hair.

What are you eating Bad eating is one of the reasons for hair fall. For this, you have to take a balanced diet. Protein-rich foods help prevent hair loss. Foods rich in vitamin E, marine fish eggs, milk is very beneficial for hair.

Hair Care Hair pack

Hair packs can be used if there is too much hair fall. Ghatakumari, Amalaki, Shikakai, Neem powder should be mixed in the same quantity and made into a pack and given to the hair. Using it once a week will reduce hair loss. In addition, eggs, fenugreek powder and sour yoghurt can be mixed and made into a pack and given to the hair. Using this pack two days a week strengthens the hair follicles. Tolerant light lukewarm water should be used to wash the pack.

Hot Air Hair Damage

No hot air or heat can be taken on the hair. It is deadly harmful to the hair.

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