Tahajjud Namaz Porar Niom Bangla (সঠিক পদ্ধতি দেখুন)

Do you want to know about the rules and intentions of reading Tahajjud Namaz over the Internet? Then today’s article is going to be very important for you. There is no separate rule for performing

Tahajjud Namaz like other Nafal Namaz. The rules for reading Tahajjud Namaz are the same. However, there are different timings for reading Tahajjud Namaz. If you want you can

read Tahajjud Namaz along with Esha Namaz. However, it is best to pray the last night, and it is best to pray Tahajjud after waking up in the last hour of the night.

However, prayers can be offered after the Isha prayer until the morning Sadiq. So friends today through this post I will discuss Tahajjud Namaz before you. Read and see the article carefully from beginning to end.

So guys, let’s get started. Through this post I will discuss before you about the rules of reading Tahajjud Namaz. Tahajjud is the best prayer after the five daily prayers to attain the pleasure

and nearness of Allah Almighty. Tahajjud The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said that the best fast after Ramadan is the fast of Allah’s month of Muharram, and the best prayer among

the obligatory prayers is the Tahajjud prayer at night. The prayer performed at the end of the night is Tahajjud. Tahajjud is a nafl act of worship. This worship is characteristic of righteous and good servants.

That is, a true believer performs Tahajjud Namaz with seriousness for the pleasure of Allah. The Holy Qur’an praises those who perform Tahajjud, saying, ‘They leave their beds and call upon their Lord in hope and fear.

You come to the Internet and want to know about the rules of reading Tahajjud. After Surah Fateha, Namaz can be recited with any Surah. Beloved Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace.

He used to pray. So it is better to perform this prayer in a long kerat. The kerat can be recited in both high and low voices. However, if the cause of someone’s suffering is the duty of silently performing

See: Tahajjud Namaz Porar Niom

two rakats of tahajjud, tahrima saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in takbeer is a common nafl. Chana, Surah Fateha and other surahs should be recited together with this prayer. Ruku, Sajdah,

Tashahhud, Darood, Dua Machura, till returning the salam, everything is like other nafl prayers. You want to know how many rakats of Tahajjud Namaz there is no specific rakat to read Tahajjud Namaz.

Sometimes he recited four rakats, sometimes 8 rakats, sometimes 12 rakats. But if someone performs this prayer two rakat. Then his Tahajjud will be performed.

It is best to recite Tahajjud after waking up in the last hour of the night. However, this prayer can be performed from the time of Isha prayer until the morning Sadiq.

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