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Top 10 English Medium School in Dhaka 2022

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you are well. Today we will present to you the information of some of the best English medium schools in Dhaka city through this registration. Many of you are looking for information in different places.

Through this registration, you will be able to know the information of English medium schools in Dhaka city completely. As you know, January is ahead. You want your child to be admitted to school.

So many students have a list of English medium schools. So that they can educate their child in English. With this hope, he wants to be admitted in various English medium schools.

Top 10 English Medium School in Dhaka 2022

Friends, today we are going to present to you the information of ten English medium schools in Dhaka city through registration. You can read from beginning to end to know the information of the top ten English medium schools in Bengal.

I will come and present the information to you. Among them are Maple Leaf International School, Aga Khan School, Mastermind School, Australian International School, International School American International School, School Dhaka International School, Dhaka, etc.

Good English is taught in these schools. That is why schools are very popular among the students. You can send your child to any of the schools.

list of islamic english medium school in dhaka

Through this registration I will inform you about the latest and top ten best English medium schools in Dhaka city. For this, you have to read the registration carefully from the beginning to the end.

Then you will get a full idea about this school. Scholastica School, International School, Wills Little Flower School & College, Oxford International School, Academia School

Ideal School and College, Holycross Girls School and College, Bangladesh International School and College are notable. In these colleges and schools, English medium, as well as English version, is taught.

best english medium schools in dhaka

English is a global language. People all over the world tend to use it as a common means of communication. In a country like ours, you need to have good skills in English. Therefore, enrolling your child in an English medium school can be as beneficial as possible.

Since learning a language can be difficult if it is not started at a young age or practiced thoroughly. Most people in the world, regardless of their nationality or mother tongue, know English or use English to communicate with speakers of different languages.

Thus, a person with English knowledge can easily survive in many parts of the world and communicate with any nation. Lack of fluency in English may be an obstacle in the future.

best english medium school in bashundhara, Uttara

North and all these English medium schools including Dhaka city are very popular international schools are the oldest schools in the country. It is located in Bashundhara R / A, E Block, Dhaka. It is one of the best English medium schools in Bangladesh.

About 500 students from 25 countries are studying here. The school started its journey in 1956 with only 30 students. Both Bengali and English are taught equally in this school.

At a young age, it was only a high school but now they open a college department with their school. Wills Little Flower School is located in Kakrail, Dhaka. It is one of the top English medium schools in Bangladesh.

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