(দেখে নিন) A dialogue between you and a foreigner about the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh.

At present remittances are coming mostly in the garment sector and tourism industry. Karna was hit by an epidemic and the tourism industry collapsed. But after the Corona epidemic,

the sector is slowly improving, with remittances reaching-53 million in April-May compared to February. Today, through this post, we will discuss about the tourist spots of Bangladesh

between a foreigner and a person, and we will present to a foreigner what are the tourist spots. I will discuss the dialogue on this issue. Those of you who are talking about tourist spots.

They can highlight issues from our website. We have hill and tourist spots like Cox’s Bazar and popular tourist centers like St. Martin. If these issues can be brought

to the notice of a foreigner. In this they will be most interested in our tourist spot and the name of Bangladesh will be bright. You can talk to a foreigner about the tourist

centers of Bangladesh through a dialogue. In this case our Sundarbans, Kuakata Patuakhali, different types of mosques in Rajshahi, Satgumbaj Mosque in Bagerhat,

Chhota Katra, Bara Katra, Lalbagh Fort and Rangamati can be considered as tourist spots and tourist centers. It can give a foreigner a detailed idea about Bangladesh

and a reader can understand about Bangladesh. We have 120 kilometers of beach. This issue can be highlighted. Apart from this, there are various types

of tourist centers like Chhota Katra Bara Katra Rajshahi, Bagerhat’s Sixty Dome Mosque, Panchagarh and Kanchenjunga St. Martin’s.

If a tourist can be attracted to it then they will be more attracted towards our tourist center. Today we have explained through this post how to talk to a tourist and a foreigner.

The language of dialogue must be simple and fluent. To do well in dialogue, of course, there is no substitute for practice. If it can be practiced well. Then you can get good results in the dialogue.

Competitive exams including BCS are asked to write dialogues. So you must study well and write dialogue. Of course you have to practice well.

In this case, the conversation between the two characters should be beautifully portrayed by the reader. There is no time to go outside of the topic you have been asked to talk about.

This may make the dialogue more difficult for the reader. Through this post, I have fully shared all the information with you. Hope you like it very much.

If you want to get more information. Find out by visiting the website. With regular practice, you can get better results. I ended today’s article by wishing everyone the best.

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