(ডাউনলোড করুন) Write a dialogue with your friend Nabila about traffic jams in your country.

At present, the issue of traffic jams in Mofasbal and Megacity is becoming more and more evident. Are there any statistics or statistics on how many working hours

we are wasting due to this traffic jam at present? Today we will discuss this topic the most. Read the article carefully from beginning to end. I hope your efforts will not be in vain.

Suppose a competitive test is about a traffic jam between two friends. Which is one of the biggest problems in Bangladesh at present. Why this problem is happening

and what we can do to overcome this problem. It can be presented to the reader through dialogue on the subject. Today we will discuss all the information on this topic.

In this case, the main reason for the traffic jam may be the violation of the law. We do not know about the signal. These issues can be highlighted.

Besides, reckless driving is a cause of traffic jams. These topics can be presented to the reader through dialogue. The main reason for the traffic jam is not obeying the traffic laws.

Unnecessary cars and private cars are the main cause of traffic jams. You can also highlight the steps our government has taken to reduce traffic jams.

Different types of flyovers have been constructed to reduce traffic congestion. Metrorail, Dhaka subway is being constructed. Besides, what other projects can be undertaken

in the future to reduce this traffic jam should be highlighted through dialogue. Through this post I am trying to discuss all the information in front of you.

Read the article carefully from beginning to end. I hope you all understand in a very short time. Today we are informing through this question.

What is the role of government in resolving a traffic jam? Talk to a friend and a girl named Nabila about the traffic jam. Suppose you have a friend named Nabila.

You were asked to write a conversation or dialogue with this friend. Then how do you discuss this topic? Some information has been highlighted above.

If we can present them to the reader thoroughly. Then the success of a dialogue will be revealed then. In this case, the reason for the current traffic jam can be discussed.

He could discuss the role of the people and the government in resolving traffic jams. At present, the steps taken by the government to reduce

the traffic jam can be discussed. Hope you have benefited enough through this post. If there is any request to visit the website to get any more information.

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