Tree Plantation Paragraph for SSC, Class 8, 7, 6, 10, 9 (100, 150 Words)

We are realizing the importance of planting trees due to global warming. You are already aware. Several essays on plantations. At some point in our life, some test comes. Besides, we are sometimes asked to write

different paragraphs of the examination period on plantations. Then you come to the internet and search several paragraphs about plantation. You will come to our website and find several paragraphs about tree planting.

The paragraphs that you usually write in the exam. So today we will discuss several paragraphs in front of you through this post. They are written in very simple language and simple grammar.

Plantation means planting more trees. Green trees, green country, green can save this world environment ie plant trees save lives. Our existence without trees is unimaginable.

Trees are used in many ways in our daily life. Oxygen is needed to survive. It provides us with food and fruits. We get wood from trees, we make houses, furniture, boats, etc. with wood.

Environmental conservation is very important in plantations. Global temperature is increasing day by day. At least 30-25 percent of the land area needs to be forested to maintain the ecological balance of the country.

But our country has a lot of forests. Less than 18 percent forest area is in our country. So we have to plant more and more trees to maintain the balance of the country’s environment.

Plantation is another name for planting trees. Trees are essential to our existence. Without trees we cannot exist. Our daily lives are enriched by trees in many ways. We need oxygen to survive.

This oxygen is supplied by plants. It provides us with food and fruits. From fruits we get food. Wood is obtained from trees. This wood is used to make furniture, houses, boats, launches and ships.

Forests are essential for maintaining ecosystem balance. A minimum of 25% of the total forest area should be protected to preserve the balance of nature in the country.

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Only 9 percent of land in our country is forest land. If we don’t stop cutting trees at the current rate, our forests will be depleted within a few years. Due to lack of trees and forests, our country will soon become an uninhabited desert.

The temperature of the earth is increasing every day. Global warming is increasing due to increase in carbon dioxide gas all over the world. Our country’s environment, especially urban areas, is getting polluted.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing. People have cut down trees for shelter and fuel, and are deforesting in a hurry. Paragraph about sixth class plantation if searching the internet.

Then I will tell you to come to our website. Tree planting is essential to maintain the natural environment by enhancing the real beauty in front of us. Hope you understand guys, see you again in the next tiffin post.

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